Shibuya,Tokyo Japan

This was our last day at Tokyo city. We choose to go to the popular shopping and entertainment area found around Shibuya Station. Shibuya is one of Tokyo's most colourful and busy districts, packed with shopping, dining and nightclubs serving swarms of visitors that come to the district everyday.

I like this picture of us at Hachiko Statue. A statue of a loyal dog name Hachiko.  According to a famous story, the dog waited for his master every day in front of Shibuya Station, and continue to do so for years even after he master had passed away. It is one of Tokyo's most popular meeting points.

We grabbed a bread and baguette at Brasserie VIRON.  Brasserie VIRON is one of the best places in Shibuya if you are a huge "baguette" lover. It's most reasonable to go there for breakfast. The price is reasonable and it's range from JPY 600 to JPY1000.

My friend recommended me to visit Don Quijote, commonly known as Donki, is a discount chain in Japan with incredibly wide array of products. If you are looking for a gift, may be snacks, or simply want to explore new products, Donki definitely is worthy of a visit. The stores are usually more than 3 floors big, and the selection of products you can find is overwhelming. From snacks to clothes to cosmetic, you can pretty much find whatever you are looking for. Yannie could spend hours in here.
We had 桂花ラーメン (ramen again!). They were indeed delicious that I couldn't find this kind of tasty ramen when we are back to our homeland.

We took hundreds over of photos, silly poses with happy expressions at the prominent landmark of Shibuya, the large intersection in front of the station's Hachiko Exit. The intersection is heavily decorated by neon advertisement and giant video screens and gets flooded by pedestrians each time  the crossing light turns green, making it a popular photo and movie filming spot. I so love watching the scene LIVE.
April and May too never got tired of taking hundreds pictures with the Christmas decors that they found in Shibuya.

Coming up next.....my last post of my Tokyo visit, finally my shopping loots. Please stay tuned.


  1. Ahhhhh!!!! The dog! Very famous! They made a movie about it - I think there is a book too.

  2. the shopping part would be very interesting...

  3. wow, YAM spent one whole day in Shibuya shopping, eating and taking hundreds of photos, yet she was still so energetic!! Uncle SK was there for just a couple of hours the day before flying back home, he was already so exhausted leh, hahaha~~ :D

    1. yeah, the dog statue at the station, i was there to take a photo too.. and that place is indeed a very popular meeting place, Uncle SK saw many youngsters there and reminded him of his younger days, haha!! Uncle SK also stayed there to watch the busy traffic and hundreds of pedestrians crossing that huge junction.. this will never happen in Malaysia, we do not have that population..

    2. ooh, Viron and Donki, if Uncle SK has another chance to go to Tokyo again, must go to these two shops.. it was just a very tiring two hours around the place and we did not explore much.. Yannie has one post dedicated for the loots she bought in Tokyo, wow wow wow, sure there were a lot she has bought!! can have two new clothes for everyday during the whole 15 days of CNY~~ :p

    3. so happy for April and May that they found the Disney Store in Shibuya, else they must have regretted they were not able to get anything from Disney Land and Disney Sea.. the girls were super excited as can be seen from the photos.. YAM were not tired at all, but probably the poor cameraman JJ had to use his smile to cover up his tired face?? hehehe~~ :p

  4. I heard about this dog too, it's kinda famous and nice that they dedicated a station to the dog.
    Wow.. I'm a baguette lover. There must be all sorts of baguette here. Love those crunchy sides !

  5. The weather is so pleasant and I really love these type of climate. No rain but cold and nice to walk around and see the sun. I'm sure you took a lot of pics here with such a beautiful surroundings.
    Ah.. Ramen !! My favorite ! I will also have bowls of it there!

  6. The photos are so happy and fun to see a wonderful mummy & her 2 Princesses!
    I totally forgot about this dog!! Slap my own head now. I went to Shibuya at night just to see the mad crossings by the thousands of human beings.

  7. Never been to Shibuya.

    Look forward to read your next post!

  8. Usually when see Shibuya I only think about the crazy Shibuya crossing at night. Like Anay I totally forgot about Hachiko.

    Wah that ramen is the good stuff! Yannie really know how to eat!

  9. Yea...Shibuya! I watched the story about Hachiko. Very inspiring story behind it.

    Wishing you and family a Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

  10. Love your happy photos with your girls!