Shopping loots in Tokyo, Japan

Every time after coming back from a trip, I love to blog about my shopping loots more than the places that I have visited. This time, I tried to withstand my eagerness to write about my loots. I can finally write about them now. Next time, I must write about my loots instead of those tourist spots, because I find myself have almost lost all my interest on writing about my happy purchase now.
Actually, before we left for Japan, we spent two days in KL. We went to Sunway Pyramid for shopping. We never intended to buy anything, but we saw these very cute beanies an gloves. Though these were not Japan shopping loots, but they were bought because of our Japan trip.
April wanted the brown one, May got the white one and I had the black one.
I had no intention to buy any bag during my trip to Japan, but my husband asked me to get one when we saw many kawaii Japanese ladies sashaying on the streets and carrying Samantha Thavasa on their hands.

I choose this dark blue Samantha Thavasa. It can be carried on the shoulder or as a backpack.
This is cute Line character, Brown iPhone 6 Plus case was bought at Harajuku Line Store.
I bought the left hand side one for my brother as his souvenir.
These two gadgets were bought by my husband. He bought himself a very sporty and cool G-Shock watch and a Casio selfie camera. 
Both items were bought in cheaper price than what they were priced here.
This Casio selfie camera is our new toy now, we will sure have chance to use it more often on this Chinese New Year celebration. 
This selfie camera can take beautiful pictures and it is very convenient to use.
I saw an eye drop advertisement when I was on the train in Tokyo. Then I went to get it from one of the drug stores. I like this eye drop very much, but I have problem how to get it when I have finished it.

I am using it every night and my eye sight is improving.
My SIL and her daughter WeChat me a list of the skin care and cosmetic products. I located almost all the items as in the picture below for them. All these products were bought in drug stores and they were taxed free.
I got myself a few items according to the list that they gave me.
These were all the Japanese snacks that I bought for my family, friends and colleagues. They were bought from Donki stores, drug stores, Seven Eleven and 100JPY shops.

We kept some for ourselves, the rest were given away as a souvenir.
This 1 DAY Tattoo mascara is my proudest purchase, I got it at JPY500 only. So it is less than RM20. But, when I saw it SaSa store at AEON, fulamak! It is priced at RM50++, and the sales girl told me that this is a discounted price already. Faint!
I regret for not buying more of this mascara and the effect of this mascara is really good.
Other than the above, I actually bought myself a shirt and a pants from H&M store in Harajuku too. I love all the items that I bought in Japan, I just regret for not getting more of what I have bought from the big drug stores in Japan.

Folks, I don't think I have another post before Chinese New Year. So here I take the opportunity to wish every one GONG XI FA CAI and HAPPY HOLIDAY.


  1. hehehe, we all know this Shopping Queen of Taiping!! she went to Tokyo and how could she not have bought anything right?? but surprise surprise leh, that's all she bought?? Uncle SK just am not convinced there is just so little there.. come on Yannie, you must have a lot hidden from us, show show show!!! hehehehe~~ :p

  2. i am opposite.. i like to do sightseeing more and if possible do what the locals do when i go travelling, shopping is really optional for me, unless that trip itself is just a shopping trip like BKK.. so everyone has got their own loots, even JJ also got himself a G-Shock and a Casio Camera (but sure the camera will be confiscated by YAM instead in the end).. Yannie got herself a bag and temporary tattoo.. April and May got themselves goodies from Disney shops.. and all Yannie's relatives and friends and colleagues got snacks from Japan.. really 皆大歡喜 yor~~

  3. Uncle SK likes the Brown phone case and also those snacks from Japan.. so many green tea Kit Kat you have bought, hahaha!! that was what Uncle SK borong when he first went to Japan.. and oh, what about Jagabee?? they are nice too leh.. :)

    wishing you and our family a Happy Chinese New Year.. may the new year brings you an abundance of joy, luck, health, prosperity, wealth and auspiciousness.. GONG XI FA CAI!!!

  4. OMG! You should have seen my opened mouth and dropped jaws after seeing all your loots! The Japan Tourism Minister should give you a Gold Medal for being a shopping queen!! Muahahaha

    I remembered telling you many stuffs are cheaper in Japan esp ladies stuffs. I salute you for carting home so many interesting items which are really new to me. I only buy few things, no more shopping for friends who dared to text me to get this and that including bicycle parts from Japan! Funny people.
    I bought a Bermuda shorts from UniQlo Osaka two years ago at RM56 and it just arrived KL UniQlo this month which are tagged at RM139. Kanasai!

    Wishing you and family a very Happy Chinese New Year! More luck, better health and more holiday trips!! Huuaattt Aaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember to control all situations and never let situations control you.
    You really have very good determination and willpower always! Oh, Anay talking like grandfather now...

  5. What a loot !! You guys really enjoyed shopping there , even before you reached Japan ! Hahahah...
    Good that you managed to get stuffs cheaper than here as stuffs over in Japan are typically more expensive !
    Wishing you and family a Happy Chinese New Year !

  6. Wishing you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year!

  7. Qong Xi Fa Cai!!! Wishing you and all your loved ones a wonderfully happy Year of the MOnkey!

  8. Very cute beanie indeed!
    I love that bag, very chio! You got very good 眼光 ^^

    Here wishing you and family a prosperous year of Monkey!

  9. I love that beany hats. So cute.

    Lovely colour your handbag.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you and family.

  10. I love the Japanese snacks that you bought! :)

    I love Japanese snacks in general and I hear their convenience stores are really awesome and complete e.g. you can do almost everything there from buying concert tickets to receiving postal parcels. I've never been but I'm going over to Hokkaido with my better half in two weeks or so.

    I can't wait to get my hands on delicious weird and wonderful snacks from the Land of the Rising Sun. I love their seasonal and limited edition Kit Kat and Pocky, a friend of mine got me into it when she brought back limited Kobe wine Pocky from Japan when she was studying there almost 10 years ago.

  11. Wah, so smart of you to buy the 1 DAY Tattoo mascara and save so much!

  12. Nice loot you got there. :)

  13. Haha I didn't know Samantha Thavasa is really that famous in Japan!

    I got one from Singapore and my husband went, what cheap brand is this... Now I can tell him about this!

    I'm dying for a holiday too!