Busy and happy

I have been trying to keep track on my exercise everyday in my own way.

Last week I managed to exercise for the entire 7 days. Last month, only two weeks that I could do exercise for the complete 7 days. I skipped one or two days in certain weeks because I needed to help my girls on the revision for their exam, or I had some important functions that I couldn't avoid.

27 Feb, Saturday
Afternoon: Running(on treadmill) 7.5km

28 Feb, Sunday
Morning: Yoga 1.5 hours
Afternoon: Running(on treadmill) 9.5km
Evening: Hiking 8km

29 Feb, Monday
Afternoon: Running(on treadmill) 9.5km

01 Mar, Tuesday
Evening: Zumba 1 hour

02 Mar, Wednesday
Evening: Running(on treadmill) 6.5km

03 Mar, Thursday
Early evening: Running(on treadmill) 3.2km
Late evening: Zumba 1 hour

04 Mar, Friday
Evening: Running(on treadmill) 9km

Last week, I did it again, but I did not break my own record for running longer distance than the week I mentioned above.

19 Mar, Saturday
Afternoon: Running(on treadmill) 9.5km
Evening: Hiking 8km

20 Mar, Sunday
Morning: Yoga 1.5 hours
Afternoon: Running(on treadmill) 9km
Evening: Hiking 6km

21 Mar, Monday
Afternoon: Running(on treadmill) 6.5km

22 Mar, Tuesday
Evening: Zumba 1 hour

23 Mar, Wednesday
Evening: Running(on treadmill) 6.5km

24 Mar, Thursday
Evening: Zumba 1 hour

25 Mar, Friday
Evening: Running(on treadmill) 5km

After making exercise as my priority, I have no time to sweat the small stuff. Though I am busy, I am happy. 
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School Holiday - KidZania 2016

Since we did not go to to MSSM Ping Pong tournament during March school break, we went to KL instead. We stayed at Royale Bintang Hotel. This hotel location so good that we could walk to IKEA, IPC, The Curve and Kidzania during our 3D2N stay. Other than spending one day at KidZania, I managed to catch up with three KL besties, do some window shopping and watch a movie - The Kid From Big Apple.

This trip was short and sweet for me to discharge from the very hot weather in my hometown. We spent most of our time at the places which had air-con, such as in the mall, in the hotel room, and KidZania to cool us down.

Needless to say, April and May had lots of fun at KidZania. The last time they visited KidZania was in year 2012.  I told them to skip those jobs that they have performed before, so that they could experience other new jobs.

1. First thing in KidZania was to go to CIMB bank to withdraw their Kidzos. The queue was moving faster than our actual world. I hate the long queue time in most banks.

2. Be the Next Top Model in KidZania. Some costumes and accessories are sponsored by Poney. I don't mind them to be next top models in future, but what if not very top?

3. Be the electric workers. In future, am not too sure whether this job will be handled by banglasian.

4. Be the professional photographer in Canon. This job was fun, my daughters later explained that they could get to learn using the actual cameras. They were given two free photos from this job.

5. April was the news reporter and May was the camera woman for TV media. I kept encouraging them to be the news reporter, because I wish to see them everyday from my home TV.

6. Captain April and DJ May. I don't mind them being a DJ, as I can hear their voice often through the radio. Pilot, sorry! Too many planes crashed lately.

My girls and their dad spent the entire day in KidZania. I left KidZania at noon to meet my bestie for movie. I met them again for dinner when KidZania was closed at 7pm.

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Short curly bob with side bangs

I wanted to change hair style. I wanted to keep my hair longer so that I can look more feminine. I have bored with my short hair that I used to keep. I am a fitness freak, therefore I must find a hair style which needs not much effort to maintain, such as blowing and styling. So, I try to google a few celebs' hair styles to seek for ideas of my hair styles to-be.

When I browsed, I would try to find those celebs that I favor. One of them is Emma Stone.
I really like Emma Stone. When I watched Spider Man, I also fell for Gwen. She is young, slim and pretty. I like this girl next door type of lady.
Her hair style is only curling the hair end area.
Taylor Swift always changes hair style. She is an icon of beautiful hair styles. I found the below hair style of her is my liking. 

Her side bangs curled is very stylish.
Anne Hathaway looks so faminine in this one length curly hair style too. 
She looks stunning in this hair style. 

I took all three pictures above to my hair dresser. I told her that I want a hair style that needs not blowing and styling, these pictures are for reference only. The most important thing that it can survive till it is longer. Period.
This is my new hair style. Picture is taken at KidZania last Thursday.
I am still not used to it, my husband too. My two girls called me Aunty. Tsk! I know you also have not got used to it. Never mind, please allow it to get a bit longer. I told myself that actually.
I have slowly got used to it better now. Picture is taken at a friend's baby 1st birthday party.
By the way, I told my husband on the first evening of my new hairstyle, "Tonight, you can just imagine that you are sleeping with a new wife, but don't spoilt my new hair, ok?"

Up to now, I tell ya! I like my new hair style, because it saves me time in blowing, and I don't need to suffer from sweating while blowing my hair dry in the gym toilet, especially in the super hot weather like we have now. 
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A difficult decision

Well, I had talked about the dilemma that we constantly facing in this "Studies or Sports" a few years ago. Again, this year we faced the same challenge.

In the most recent MSSPK ping pong competition, April was the champion of the under 12 female category, and May was the 5th position in the same category. This is also May's first year of getting herself into MSSM competition. April withdrew herself from MSSM that held in KL last year with the reason of the centralized training, which lasted for a week was too long for her to be absence from school. This year the MSSM is held in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

The above pictures were taken after the final MSSPK games that held at Bidor, Perak last month. My husband and I were very proud of them for qualifying themselves into Ping Pong MSSM game. Their coach and school teacher are also very happy that they have brought medals and certificates back.

Following their winning, meaning we have to go to Kelantan in March school holiday. My husband called to book a hotel in KB, I went to submit leave for a week.

Before leaving for the national tournament, there will be a centralized training, the training is lasted for a week, and it is usually on weekdays. April has started to worry of the training date will be the same as her March exam date. Even if it is not her exam date, she also doesn't want to skip school for so many days. This September, she has to sit for her UPSR exam. Missing school and tuition are No No for her.

It is just so happen that the training date is their exam date. The school gave me several options:
1. Let the girls have exam earlier, then leave for the training.
2. Let the girls have exam later, which will be after the training ends.
3. Arrange to bring the exam papers to the ping pong training center in Ipoh, the girls have exam in the training center.

I disliked all of these options. To me, it is totally different to sit for the exam alone and sit for the exam together with the class. When sitting for the exam alone, they will miss out the important instructions that usually make known to the class right before or after the papers are distributed. I want them to sit for the exam in the right atmosphere and have the full concentration on the questions.

I talked to several parties that involved directly and also those not involved directly. Since there is no compromisation, we decided to quit ping pong national competition this time. I asked my husband to cancel the hotel reservation and I cancelled my leave submission.

April is very happy with my decision, she always loves studying more than sports. May has some degree of disappointment as this is her first year getting into the national game. I later convinced her that studying is her ultimate priority.

Frankly speaking, I did not have a peace of mind when the girls qualified themselves to the national game. My girls need to choose between skipping school to attend ping pong or quitting ping pong to focus on studies.

It is not easy to have the balance between studies and sports. In order to be good in sports, my girls need to skip school and tuition, and they will have lots of homework to catch up. In order to be good in studies, they have to sacrifice the time spent in training. I was stressed over this matter for a few weeks before I made my final decision.

After making the decision of letting go the participation, I feel so much relieved, so as all of us at home. Of course, the school and the coach are not very happy with my decision. 
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My homemade skin toner

I keep my skin care regime to very simple. I always believe less is more. I don't believe in those essence water, whitening cream, hydrating serum and beauty ampoule.
I only use:

Day time
1. Gentle cleanser
2. BP (benzoyl peroxide) treatment
3. Mild Moisturizer
4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Pure-Mild SPF50 sunblock lotion

Night time
1. Gentle cleanser
2. BP (benzoyl peroxide) treatment
3. Mild Moisturizer + AHA lotion + jojoba oil

1. Facial mask
2. Eye mask

However, I currently found a good home remedy of skin toner. I accidentally read this very useful link of Scarlest Johansson's skin care tips revealed in one of her magazine interviews. She just used the diluted Apple Cider Vinegar to wash her face, and she confirmed that this had helped her to combat spots on her face.
I can certified that Scarlett Johansson has clear skin through big screen in cinema. 
Since I didn't have skin toner, I decided to DIY my own toner by following her tips. I went to buy Bragg brand ACV from the nearby organic products shop. It is only RM22. I use the ratio 1:3 as my skin toner recipt, 1 tbsp of ACV to 3 tbsp of water. 
This small jam jar is my homemade toner that will last for 1 week of day and night usage. 
I use cotton pad to dip inside the jam jar and wipe all over my face and neck, I avoid the eye areas as it is too harsh for these areas. Honestly, I feel my skin is very clean and comfortable after wiping with my DIY ACV toner. I have just started for 2 weeks, and I can't wait to share with all of you. I am adding ACV toner into my skin care routine. I use it twice a day, after my cleanser and before BP. I find it helps removing dead skin, leaving my skin feels clean, fresh and less oily. Besides, it can help reducing wrinkles, lightening acne scar and freckles too.

The below ACV benefits were extracted from here. You won't know how good it is until you try it yourself. If your skin is very sensitive, you can dilute the ACV a little more by using ratio 1:4. As for me now, this is an organic and chemical  free skin toner. Needless to say, it is very cheap and everyone can afford.

ACV Skin Benefits

As mentioned earlier, apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal properties to help prevent acne and skin infections. As well as effectively removing excess oil from your skin, ACV face wash is said to help balance pH levels and over time may prevent your facial skin from becoming both too oily or too dry by normalizing sebum production.
Apple cider vinegar also contains powerful alpha hydroxy acids to help remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresher and healthier complexion underneath them. Many expensive commercial face washes trumpet the minuscule amounts of alpha hydroxy acids they’ve added to their preparations, but ACV is full of far higher levels for much less.
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It's the thought that count

On my birthday, my siblings were the first to wish me through WhatsApp, then followed by colleagues and friends through various channels.

It is just so happen that day my company gave birthday celebration to all February born employees. Yeah!
We had cake, fried noodles, snacks and drinks. We were given a mug as a gift too. 

Before leaving home, my colleagues gave me a surprise. They asked me to go for a briefing. When I entered the room, I saw the cake.
There were  another 2 person in my department having birthday on February too. 
Back at home, I found Twilight Anay's post card from Indonesia. Since it arrived on my birthday, I took it as my birthday greeting card. 
I had also received his post card from Hiroshima, Japan last week. Thanks Anay for your lovely thoughts. 
My gym buddies insisted a pot luck party on the weekend. I cooked herbal tea eggs and my husband bought my favourite pandan layered cake. 
Another round of cake cutting session. 
The pot luck party was just after my morning workout in the gym. It was so good to have all my gym buddies get together. 
Everyone just brought one type of food, and there were already so much to eat. I enjoyed the pot luck party very much

Right after the pot luck party, I quickly changed and rushed to my next exercise. I went jungle trekking with my hiking buddies at Bukit Larut. 
To my surprise, my hiking buddies too presented a slice of cake that one of them carried it all the way up the hill in her backpack bag. So touched!
On my Chinese Lunar birthday. It was on Tuesday zumba class. My zumba classmate made me a banana chiffon cake.
This homemade chiffon cake is so yummy and I like it so much. 
I truly appreciated everyone kind thoughts and blessings on my birthday. Happiness is actually very simple. I am thankful for the gift of friendship.
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Mask the face

I have acne prone and oily skin. I am very conscious on what to use on my skin. When I buy skin care products, I will read the ingredients carefully. I will make sure the products that I buy are having "non-comedogenic" listed. I always afraid of clogged pores by cosmetic products. Therefore I am very particular on those skin care and cosmetic that I use, especially those I need to apply directly on my face.

I go for beauty facial once every two months. Previously I went every month. I cut down the number of visit to facial as I don't want to over stimulate my face with excessive pressing and squeezing by the beautician. Therefore, I bought facial mask to do my own facial at home. I usually use those clay type mask that I need to wash away after leaving on my face for 30 minutes. I do that once a week.

Currently, I fall in love in those sheet masks. It was started when Hayley gave me 3 Innisfree paper mask .
Before using the mask, I washed my face with my cleanser and toweled it dry.
Innisfree is a product from Korea, it comes with many different types of moisturizing effects. Hayley sells at RM38 for 10 pieces. The price for one sheet mask is only RM3.80. It is considered cheap, I reckon. 
I read through the labeled ingredients on the packing, the ingredients are kind of natural. 
I tried the lime one. This is my first experience using sheet mask. I am actually scared of using those very moisture product on my face, as my face is very sensitive.
I have promised Hayley for a review on using it, so I must try it myself anyhow.
It is very convenient actually. I feel comfortable as I can continue to do other things. The best part, it needs no washing away after removing the paper.
 I shall consider using clay type mask and paper mask alternately from now
I feel my skin is very moisture, hydrated and supple after using the Innisfree paper mask.
Albeit lacking of sleep, I still have glowing skin, happy!
I believe this paper mask is an unisex products. Boys and girls are also suitable to use. 
After using Innisfree paper mask, you will be as handsome as him. 
For your information, I have bought another 10 packs of Innisfree paper masks from Hayley. April and me share using them.

Hayley, I hope you like this review post of mine.

Today is 8 March International Women's Day. We as a woman, must always take good care of ourselves and love ourselves, Happy Women's Day to all my ladies readers. 
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Those...I like in Singapore

This post is to conclude what I still miss in Singapore.

1. I like the companion of my SIL, her son and her daughter. My niece, Joey is a good tour navigator. Most pictures that we took in Singapore is a credit of Joey too.
At Changi airport, it is beautiful with Christmas decor. 
2. I like the very beautiful Christmas lighting at Gardens By The Bay.  I saw this place many times in Jack Neo's film. When I saw it with my own eyes, it is really fantastic!
Needless to say more, the view on Christmas is even more eye catching.
3. I miss my most awesome friend, BL. She hosted me from the day I touched down until the day I left Singapore. She wanted to take me for more good food if I didn't find excuse to decline her kindness. She and her husband are very humble, low profile, down to earth and a rare type of generous people in the world.
My old time buddy, BL. I always can't thank her and her family enough. 
4. I like this Christmas tree. It is very beautiful. Look at the reindeers, they looked so real galloping around the tree.

This fascinating Christmas tree was found at Gardens By The Bay. 
5. I like Marina Bay Sands. My eyes were fully captured by these very sophisticated designed towers each time I looked them.
I was teaching April how to pose.

6. In fact, I don't really interested in Sea Aquarium, but my two princesses love watching sea creatures. They took all these picture with my phone and iPad.
When I look at these pictures now, they could take good picture of what they like. 
7. I miss my another beautiful friend, Steph in Singapore. She came to meet me at the airport before I departed from Singapore. Albeit her busy schedule travelling from airport to airport, from country to country, she still squeezed out time to come and see me, I really appreciate that.
We catch up with our latest condition at Starbucks for an hour. 
8. Fulamak! I really like this super yummy prawn noodles that I ate before leaving Singapore. BL and her husband took us there for breakfast before sending us to airport. First time I ate prawn noodles which had prawns and pork ribs. It was so tasty and satisfying. 
The wall art next the shop is so unique. Check this prawn noodle shop up when you are in Singapore.
That's all for my Singapore trip during Christmas holiday 2015. In fact, Singapore is a very nice place for holiday if not because of the currency exchange. Thanks for reading, folks. 
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25 and 26 December 2015: At Singapore

We walked out from the hotel, BL and her husband had waited for us. They took us to Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh for breakfast. It is very generous and kind of them to order lots of dishes. They said that we must take more food as we were going to use lots of energy at the theme park in Universal Studio.
Apparently, this is a very famous and old Bak Kut Teh shop in Singapore. The food is yummy. 
Universal Studio has lots more exciting rides than DisneyLand. So my two princesses had an unforgettable Christmas day and they tried out the most exciting rides, such as Transformer, The Mummy, Jurassic World, Battlestar Galactica: Human and Cylon roller coaster rides.
We had lots of fun. Next trip, we must take their papa here.
We went to Sentosa Island on Boxing Day. We went to Sea Aquarium to see many attractive sea creatures. Surprisingly, my two princesses are very interested in those many different types of sea creatures.
April and May found those soft toys of sea creatures very cute at the souvenir store. No, stingy mummy didn't buy them any. 
We also went to China Town Food Street and Bugis Street for food and some souvenir shopping .
We played with these big and peculiar shape sun glasses found at China Town. No, we didn't buy them.
We also visited this very famous tourist attraction and Singapore Mascot, Merlion. 
If you come toSingapore, and you didn't visit this lion head and fish body statue, then you are not considered visiting Singapore.
We managed to take a couple of pictures with these 3 sparkling buildings as the background. I regret for not going inside Marina Bay Sands to have a look. 
We were astonished when seeing these 3 towers of Marina Bay Sands. So glamorous and so gorgeous!

We tried to cover as many places as we could, as we were flying back on the next day of Boxing day.

I still have one more post about my Singapore trip and that is a very important post. 
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