25 and 26 December 2015: At Singapore

We walked out from the hotel, BL and her husband had waited for us. They took us to Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh for breakfast. It is very generous and kind of them to order lots of dishes. They said that we must take more food as we were going to use lots of energy at the theme park in Universal Studio.
Apparently, this is a very famous and old Bak Kut Teh shop in Singapore. The food is yummy. 
Universal Studio has lots more exciting rides than DisneyLand. So my two princesses had an unforgettable Christmas day and they tried out the most exciting rides, such as Transformer, The Mummy, Jurassic World, Battlestar Galactica: Human and Cylon roller coaster rides.
We had lots of fun. Next trip, we must take their papa here.
We went to Sentosa Island on Boxing Day. We went to Sea Aquarium to see many attractive sea creatures. Surprisingly, my two princesses are very interested in those many different types of sea creatures.
April and May found those soft toys of sea creatures very cute at the souvenir store. No, stingy mummy didn't buy them any. 
We also went to China Town Food Street and Bugis Street for food and some souvenir shopping .
We played with these big and peculiar shape sun glasses found at China Town. No, we didn't buy them.
We also visited this very famous tourist attraction and Singapore Mascot, Merlion. 
If you come toSingapore, and you didn't visit this lion head and fish body statue, then you are not considered visiting Singapore.
We managed to take a couple of pictures with these 3 sparkling buildings as the background. I regret for not going inside Marina Bay Sands to have a look. 
We were astonished when seeing these 3 towers of Marina Bay Sands. So glamorous and so gorgeous!

We tried to cover as many places as we could, as we were flying back on the next day of Boxing day.

I still have one more post about my Singapore trip and that is a very important post. 


  1. I loved the Christmas lights at Orchard Road - not too good this year though, some mishaps...the lights caught fire or something. :(

  2. Yay! Yannie finally shared her fabulous family secret holiday in Singapore. Another one coming soon.

    Your hosts were so generous and ordered so much yummy food. I find that Singapore has got many nice eateries now compared to 10 years ago. I have not visited the Universal Studios in Singapore after having visited the one in LA and Osaka. My friend told me it is much smaller, so I had to skip it. Next time, you can bring your 2 Princess to the Universal Studios in Osaka as my same friend told me it is like 5 times bigger in Japan and different themes. I also prefer their rides more than Disneyland.

    You guys looked cute with the fancy sunglasses! Mummy Yannie looked like a pilot from Star Trek movies! Muahahaha

    I also saw this same Merlion back in the 1980s. They have repainted it so beautifully today. One blogger just posted that there are 5 Merlions now. I didn't know the Mother Lion had given births. Wakakaka

    No worries about Marina Sands. I visited Singapore yearly but never stepped inside there as I don't trust my gambling itch! Ha ha.

  3. Your friend ordered many dishes and I agree that you guys need more food for the energy to ronda-ronda at Universal Studio. Singapore is a good destination for holiday if we don't want to travel too far. I haven't been for so long.

  4. A nice Christmas holiday in Singapore.

  5. Can see that you had a good time holidaying in Singapore

  6. Yannie, your friend BL is really a very nice person!! she went to meet you up and have nice food for all days you were there!! did you buy her something in return?? hehe..

    1. Uncle SK has not been to any Universal Studios before, he only been to HK Disneyland.. the Singapore Universal Studio he went to take photo at the entrance only, haha!! did YAM see Minions and also the minions shop?? wah, Uncle SK can get crazy in there~~ :p

    2. two days in a row to Sentosa, haha!! so you have finished seeing every inch of the island?? the last time Uncle SK went there, was two times in a day!! went there in the morning, then went out to city to meet friends for dinner and then back in there to watch musical fountain show.. :D

    3. ooh the Merlion!! yes, that's the landmark for many years for the country, but probably now it seems to be outshone by the Marina Bay Sands?? Uncle SK also have not gone in there before also, it's actually nice to go in and take a look I guess.. Yannie would like the shopping in there a lot, haha!!

  7. I am glad you enjoyed your time in Singapore

  8. Lol.... I never been to that bak kut teh shop before , maybe I don't quite like the bkt here. I also only pass by universal studio , haven't try their rides yet.

    Seems you have a great time in SG. Keep the post coming !

  9. Everyone had a good time at Universal Studio. Time well spent!