It's the thought that count

On my birthday, my siblings were the first to wish me through WhatsApp, then followed by colleagues and friends through various channels.

It is just so happen that day my company gave birthday celebration to all February born employees. Yeah!
We had cake, fried noodles, snacks and drinks. We were given a mug as a gift too. 

Before leaving home, my colleagues gave me a surprise. They asked me to go for a briefing. When I entered the room, I saw the cake.
There were  another 2 person in my department having birthday on February too. 
Back at home, I found Twilight Anay's post card from Indonesia. Since it arrived on my birthday, I took it as my birthday greeting card. 
I had also received his post card from Hiroshima, Japan last week. Thanks Anay for your lovely thoughts. 
My gym buddies insisted a pot luck party on the weekend. I cooked herbal tea eggs and my husband bought my favourite pandan layered cake. 
Another round of cake cutting session. 
The pot luck party was just after my morning workout in the gym. It was so good to have all my gym buddies get together. 
Everyone just brought one type of food, and there were already so much to eat. I enjoyed the pot luck party very much

Right after the pot luck party, I quickly changed and rushed to my next exercise. I went jungle trekking with my hiking buddies at Bukit Larut. 
To my surprise, my hiking buddies too presented a slice of cake that one of them carried it all the way up the hill in her backpack bag. So touched!
On my Chinese Lunar birthday. It was on Tuesday zumba class. My zumba classmate made me a banana chiffon cake.
This homemade chiffon cake is so yummy and I like it so much. 
I truly appreciated everyone kind thoughts and blessings on my birthday. Happiness is actually very simple. I am thankful for the gift of friendship.


  1. So nice, so many people to share the joy on your birthday. Wowwwwwww!!!! Your girl is so big now wor. Got boyfriend already or not? Hehehehe!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Yannie.. Kind of late no doubt! hahahaa... yes, so nice and thoughtful of your friends and colleagues..

  3. That's really wonderful! So extra gym session after eating the cakes? LOL!

  4. What a blessed and full marathon series of birthdays you had. I am so jealous la. I think Taiping friends are more thoughtful and caring lah. I wanna retire there!

    Your photo in uniform showed you a year older, a year wiser but 10 years younger now!! Hey, what did you do to look younger?? I have stared at your photo for 10 minutes - no wrinkles!! Your heart must have been happy plus so much exercise thrown into your routine.

    Thank you for highlighting my 2 humble postcards! So paiseh as only the discerning few received. When I am in overseas, I think of friends better.

  5. Happy birthday to you! Lovely celebration you had.

  6. Yannie is sure one very popular person amongst her friends and colleagues and also liked by many.. see all those celebrations they have thrown for her on her birthday!! wow, those are surely something that make many people envy about, hehehe.. so Yannie actually had many birthday cakes this year, what a lucky woman!!

  7. so nice of your company to have birthday celebration monthly for the birthday babies, birthday cakes as well as refreshments provided too, and to each birthday baby there is a mug as present, how nice!! and you colleagues also very good to give you a surprise, i like that, hahaha!! it seems every department in your company has birthday celebrations often right?? nice culture~~ :)

  8. so Yannie was so busy on her birthday, she went to the gym and then to have potluck with the gym buddies.. then she went for a hike and then had a little celebration with the hiking buddies.. errr, but how come Yannie didn't mention about a good private moment with JAM one?? sure JAM had done something for Yannie on her birthday leh, maybe in another post Yannie saves the best for last :)

  9. Happy birthday Yan! Here's to the best of last year being the worst of this year. Cheers! :)

  10. Happy birthday Yannie, and many happy returns.. The chocolate cake looks so so yummy, I can dig with a spoon and eat the whole cake!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to you!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday, Yan. Stay fit and pretty as always. Love the cake you had. Delicious!

  13. Hi Yan, Happy belated birthday to you. Wishing you all the best and stay pretty always.


  14. Wah so many celebrations! I spent my birthday on flight and transiting hahaha! (Yeah, it was some time during my Europe trip)...