Mask the face

I have acne prone and oily skin. I am very conscious on what to use on my skin. When I buy skin care products, I will read the ingredients carefully. I will make sure the products that I buy are having "non-comedogenic" listed. I always afraid of clogged pores by cosmetic products. Therefore I am very particular on those skin care and cosmetic that I use, especially those I need to apply directly on my face.

I go for beauty facial once every two months. Previously I went every month. I cut down the number of visit to facial as I don't want to over stimulate my face with excessive pressing and squeezing by the beautician. Therefore, I bought facial mask to do my own facial at home. I usually use those clay type mask that I need to wash away after leaving on my face for 30 minutes. I do that once a week.

Currently, I fall in love in those sheet masks. It was started when Hayley gave me 3 Innisfree paper mask .
Before using the mask, I washed my face with my cleanser and toweled it dry.
Innisfree is a product from Korea, it comes with many different types of moisturizing effects. Hayley sells at RM38 for 10 pieces. The price for one sheet mask is only RM3.80. It is considered cheap, I reckon. 
I read through the labeled ingredients on the packing, the ingredients are kind of natural. 
I tried the lime one. This is my first experience using sheet mask. I am actually scared of using those very moisture product on my face, as my face is very sensitive.
I have promised Hayley for a review on using it, so I must try it myself anyhow.
It is very convenient actually. I feel comfortable as I can continue to do other things. The best part, it needs no washing away after removing the paper.
 I shall consider using clay type mask and paper mask alternately from now
I feel my skin is very moisture, hydrated and supple after using the Innisfree paper mask.
Albeit lacking of sleep, I still have glowing skin, happy!
I believe this paper mask is an unisex products. Boys and girls are also suitable to use. 
After using Innisfree paper mask, you will be as handsome as him. 
For your information, I have bought another 10 packs of Innisfree paper masks from Hayley. April and me share using them.

Hayley, I hope you like this review post of mine.

Today is 8 March International Women's Day. We as a woman, must always take good care of ourselves and love ourselves, Happy Women's Day to all my ladies readers. 


  1. Now I know your beauty secrets for staying young!

    I always bought at least 50 masks from Japan.
    They are good to help tired skins.

  2. I've tried masks before and it's quite good. But I am not as diligent as you on facials.

  3. hehehe, Yannie sure knows how to take care of herself, her skin, her body and her face lah.. so Yannie is recommending this Innisfree Paper Mask, everyone must buy then since it is actually very affordable at only RM38 for 10 pieces.. i also like using all these paper masks, it's convenient actually.. just put on and when it's dried up, just throw away leaving the skin silky smooth and tender, just like a hardboiled egg just shelled.. :)

  4. Brand sounds familiar. No, I don't use...no more hope, skin like crocodile. LOL!!!

  5. Thank you for the recommendation and wishes. Happy Women's Day to you and your girls too!

  6. I don't really like to put mask because I felt suffocate. The sticky feeling is so uncomfortable. I saw my schoolmate put everyday and she looks like 20-ish! Maybe I should start putting mask too.

  7. I have dry skin, and yes I had used Innisfree Face Masks before and they are good, but in SG one piece costs S$2

  8. Hi Yan,

    Thanks for sharing this great tip for looking so good. I must admit that I have been lazy and didn't look after my face very well :p


  9. I have sensitive skin too, therefore, I seldom use mask.. I'm very scared to use mask actually, coz everytime after using it, sure got biji-biji one..Used to go for facials once a month, but after having kids, totally no time and chance to go.. Apply leave also is for emergencies, like when kids are sick, etc.. Take MC also is because I want to go shopping and dye my hair.. Totally no time left for facials.. I only rinse my face with tap water now..

  10. I also have oily skin and would be very particular when choosing skincare.

    Nice mask from Hayley. Glad it suits your skin.

  11. it looks like a good product, hope it suits your girls' gentle skin too..

  12. Hi Yannie! Thanks for sharing this and yea, I like this post of yours!

    I am glad that it suits you! Actually it should suit everyone as it is made from all plants extracts, very natural and mild.

  13. How nice , since the masks works for you! I guess as a lady, you should always take care of your face and glad you got good products from Hayley. Take more protein too and workout to detox.

  14. Yes, I like Innisfree mask too.

    Nowadays, I am using fresh aloe vera as my facial mask. It works very well. Normally I apply at night and leave till the next morning and wash it then. I have less acne popping out and I noticed it is easier for me to remove the black head especially at the forehead and chin area.

  15. Sheet mask have been around many years already. Very easy to use. Have not try this brand. Have tried other brand . Usually i look for cucumber punya

  16. That is so lovely to have a daughter to do mask together. When I do mask, my boys will all run to daddy!

  17. Yes, I notice that your face is glowing all the time. That's good :)