Short curly bob with side bangs

I wanted to change hair style. I wanted to keep my hair longer so that I can look more feminine. I have bored with my short hair that I used to keep. I am a fitness freak, therefore I must find a hair style which needs not much effort to maintain, such as blowing and styling. So, I try to google a few celebs' hair styles to seek for ideas of my hair styles to-be.

When I browsed, I would try to find those celebs that I favor. One of them is Emma Stone.
I really like Emma Stone. When I watched Spider Man, I also fell for Gwen. She is young, slim and pretty. I like this girl next door type of lady.
Her hair style is only curling the hair end area.
Taylor Swift always changes hair style. She is an icon of beautiful hair styles. I found the below hair style of her is my liking. 

Her side bangs curled is very stylish.
Anne Hathaway looks so faminine in this one length curly hair style too. 
She looks stunning in this hair style. 

I took all three pictures above to my hair dresser. I told her that I want a hair style that needs not blowing and styling, these pictures are for reference only. The most important thing that it can survive till it is longer. Period.
This is my new hair style. Picture is taken at KidZania last Thursday.
I am still not used to it, my husband too. My two girls called me Aunty. Tsk! I know you also have not got used to it. Never mind, please allow it to get a bit longer. I told myself that actually.
I have slowly got used to it better now. Picture is taken at a friend's baby 1st birthday party.
By the way, I told my husband on the first evening of my new hairstyle, "Tonight, you can just imagine that you are sleeping with a new wife, but don't spoilt my new hair, ok?"

Up to now, I tell ya! I like my new hair style, because it saves me time in blowing, and I don't need to suffer from sweating while blowing my hair dry in the gym toilet, especially in the super hot weather like we have now. 


  1. New hairstyle, new mood, new you... sometimes it is nice to change hairstyles...to have something new...I got one friend, when she want to cut her hair short, her husband would object because her husband likes girls with long hair

    1. It seems you are very adventurous when it comes to trying new hairstyles, me cannot take curly hair well, so it is always the boring straight long hair

  2. As long as you feel happier and more confident, that's the ultimate bottom line.
    You didn't ask for our opinion but I will tell you that you look more lively! Maybe you should change hairstyles every 3 months so that the bosses will notice too! I also discourage my wife from keeping too long hair as it takes her forever to dry the hair unless I blow for her daily. Ahem!

    If you ask my advertising opinion, we always say that the models need to focus on their eyes and lips followed by attire for public attraction. The hairstyles come later to blend with the facial features and dressing. A good example is a new bride, who would choose her wedding dresses first. The make up artists come second followed by hairstylists. I am no expert here but just my 2 cents.

  3. I like hairstyles that do not need much maintenance. In your last photo, your hair looks longer than the 2nd last photo. Is that the target length or will you let it grow much longer?

  4. Hey! You look...different! Like so much younger!

  5. hehe, your two girls so bad lah called you Aunty!!! I guess it's just a matter or getting used to it, when I first saw your photos with the new hairstyle, I didn't find anything wrong, Yannie looks great in this new hairstyle.. the second photo looks better than the first, maybe there's more volume in the second and the first one a little too wet and sleek..

  6. No need to blow and handle etc meh? I know this kinda curls, even if you don't wana blow, you still need to apply cream or liquid spray or something, to make the curls look nice and bouncy.. That's why until now, I never curled my hair, coz needs lots of "work".. But you look nice la, I like the one with hairband, very sweet..

  7. Yes. Shorter hair easy to manage. I think your new hair style looks nice. Let it set in for another week and you will like it. Everyone would use to it soon.

  8. Yes, do change hairstyle once awhile! Mine was always layered and long and straight at times.. then last year, made a big decision to cut it short, so short just below my ears! But I like it! Though it made me look older and not so feminine already, I like my short hair.... so easy to keep, just wash and let it dry by itself..
    Anyway, yours look nice and fluffy as shown in the second pic... I thought your hair was shorter than that but after perming, it looks longer than your previous hairstyle!

  9. I don't like to change hairstyles because I always end up looking funny hah..hah...

  10. Changing hairstyles consistently is not a bad thing at all!
    Beginning we might feel not used to it la, happens to me too.