Those...I like in Singapore

This post is to conclude what I still miss in Singapore.

1. I like the companion of my SIL, her son and her daughter. My niece, Joey is a good tour navigator. Most pictures that we took in Singapore is a credit of Joey too.
At Changi airport, it is beautiful with Christmas decor. 
2. I like the very beautiful Christmas lighting at Gardens By The Bay.  I saw this place many times in Jack Neo's film. When I saw it with my own eyes, it is really fantastic!
Needless to say more, the view on Christmas is even more eye catching.
3. I miss my most awesome friend, BL. She hosted me from the day I touched down until the day I left Singapore. She wanted to take me for more good food if I didn't find excuse to decline her kindness. She and her husband are very humble, low profile, down to earth and a rare type of generous people in the world.
My old time buddy, BL. I always can't thank her and her family enough. 
4. I like this Christmas tree. It is very beautiful. Look at the reindeers, they looked so real galloping around the tree.

This fascinating Christmas tree was found at Gardens By The Bay. 
5. I like Marina Bay Sands. My eyes were fully captured by these very sophisticated designed towers each time I looked them.
I was teaching April how to pose.

6. In fact, I don't really interested in Sea Aquarium, but my two princesses love watching sea creatures. They took all these picture with my phone and iPad.
When I look at these pictures now, they could take good picture of what they like. 
7. I miss my another beautiful friend, Steph in Singapore. She came to meet me at the airport before I departed from Singapore. Albeit her busy schedule travelling from airport to airport, from country to country, she still squeezed out time to come and see me, I really appreciate that.
We catch up with our latest condition at Starbucks for an hour. 
8. Fulamak! I really like this super yummy prawn noodles that I ate before leaving Singapore. BL and her husband took us there for breakfast before sending us to airport. First time I ate prawn noodles which had prawns and pork ribs. It was so tasty and satisfying. 
The wall art next the shop is so unique. Check this prawn noodle shop up when you are in Singapore.
That's all for my Singapore trip during Christmas holiday 2015. In fact, Singapore is a very nice place for holiday if not because of the currency exchange. Thanks for reading, folks. 


  1. #1.. with this good experience with good tour companion, i guess you will be going to travel with your SIL's family again soon?? :)

    #2.. seeing it yourself really makes a difference!!

    #3.. BL is indeed one great friend!! she is so kind and hospitable to take time to bring you for good food, and most touching deed was that she asked her driver to send you to the places you wanted to go.. thumbs up!! :)

    #4.. yes, the christmas decorations in Singapore is always nice!! when we are going to have something close in KL??

  2. #5.. i guess this building actually gets two extreme comments from people, either they like how captivating it is, or they loath how they look like three joss sticks!! hehe~~

    #6.. why doesn't Yannie like the sea and animals in it?? i find them very beautiful, very colorful and they are amazing.. maybe Yannie only like them as prints on her clothes, hehe!! :p

    #7.. wow!!! another great friend who make all means to come and meet you up albeit her busy schedule!! great friend she is..

    #8.. awww, i didn't know about this famous prawn noodles.. but then Yannie never eaten prawn mee with pork ribs?? errr, i have eaten many times before, but now that shop closed down because the owner 走佬 already~~

  3. Aha! Now I finally know where the sotongs on your blog banner came from. I have been wondering for so long as they looked unusual and beautiful to me. I love to visit aquariums and stare at all the water creatures for a long time. It makes me reflect about their lives. It makes me think about the reincarnations too.

    You have so good karma with so many nice and generous friends. They really made your trip so happy and memorable to cherish for a lifetime. Singapore always have the best Christmas decorations in the world to attract tourists to snap photos. I never had enough of them too esp at Orchard Road areas at night.

  4. You would have nice memories of your visit to Singapore just by rereading this post. Good to write them all down. Your friends are such good buddies.

  5. I love visiting places where I have very good friends - sure makes a trip a whole lot more enjoyable, do not enjoy going somewhere where I do not know anybody, never mind how nice the place is.

  6. Nice trip and I enjoy reading too.
    Yeap, Joey can be a good navigator. I can't wait for our upcoming trip. She will be the navigator and I will be the planner. First draft itinerary is done!

  7. Nice trip, and sweet post.. But what attracted me was the pink present inside the aquarium.. I can start at that picture for 5 minutes.. Really unique..

  8. I like singapore as well, feel safer, clean and more organised there.

  9. I can see that you had a fantastic time in Singapore. You are right, Singapore is a great place for holidays and it is near to us. What is not so great is the exchange rate hah..hah....

  10. Yes, Singapore can be magical during Christmas and Gardens by the Bay can turn into a fairy land. Its a nice place to be during Christmas! You really has a great time here. :)
    I always love the prawn noodles in SG, though it's expensive but the prawns are big and I like their soup.

  11. I like the first photo, the Christmas decor is so nice!

    I had visited Gardens By the Bay twice, once during National Day and another time during Christmas, I like the place so much