My evening routine

Another 15 minutes to the end of my working hours today. I feel extremely tired, sleepy and hungry. I can’t wait to leave the office for home. I have a list of things to do, all start right after work.

1. One the way home, I pick up our dinner from PIL’s house.
2. Back at home, let the girls have their dinner immediately.
3. Collecting dry clothes which hanging at the porch into the house.
4. Taking shower and having my dinner.
5. Folding clothes.
6. Packing my exercise bag.
7. Taking my girls to tuition.
8. Going to gym.
9. After gym, taking my girls back home.
10.Checking my younger girl’s homework.
11.Get ready their tomorrow breakfast and snacks.
12.Sending the girls to bed.
13.Taking clothes from washing machine and hanging them at the porch.
14.Finally ME time is spending on social media.
15.ZZZZzzzzz….Until I hear the alarm clock rings.

That’s my life. I should not complain much, at least I don’t need to cook dinner, clean the house and toilets. 
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Stop and smell the roses

My 12 year old and my 10 year old have a lot of homework from school. Averagely, they have about 5 to 6 homework every day. Other than school homework, they have tuition homework too. Besides, they also have some art work such as drawing and coloring, as well as computer assignment and project which keep them busy right after school until evening. 

Then, they will have to quickly have their dinner and rush to tuition class. By the time they come back from tuition, I can see my two girls more tiring than me, who just finished running 9KM. 
Even there is no tuition, they have to do their own revision. I pity them. My heart is aching seeing them having such a busy life at such young age.

April has been pestering me to take her for an evening swim due to the very hot weather these few weeks. I dare not promise as I see them having piles of homework to finish in a day. 

Today, they told me that they have lesser homework. They can finish the homework by the time I reach home from work.  They have no tuition this evening too. They want to have a time off from their revision. I said OK. 

I will take them for a swim after dinner. I hope that they can have a relaxing time in the pool and I believe that swimming can help release their tension.  

Busy mom and busy kids are going to stop and smell the roses. We are going to soak ourselves in jacuzzi besides swimming, after that I will drive through McD and get them the McChicken as supper. We can also catch up a little before bedtime and calling it a day. 

I like this above wisdom quote very much. I put it here in this post to remind myself for being a better mom. 
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Children Pjyamas Online Store

Well, I am a shopaholic, be it online or offline. lol! Recently, I went online shopping at a few online stores. One of them is IGGI Pyjamas.

I myself love wearing pyjamas. So I bought pyjamas for my daughters since they were born. Thanks Barb for recommending this children pyjamas online store to me. I was told that IGGI children pyjamas have good quality and comfortable material.

Let me share with you my experience in shopping with IGGI Pyjamas.
IGGI homepage

1. Click at SHOP NOW button at the homepage. 

There are 3 categories: Girls, Boys and Toddlers. 
2. I clicked at Girls category.

There are Sleepwear, Underwear & Socks, Shirts & Tops, and Pants & Jeans subcategory
3. I click at the Sleepwear subcategory to buy sleepwear for my daughters.

Check Out Page
4. After adding items into cart, click at Check Out button. You can either checkout as Guest or Create A New Account. If you want to track your order and shipping status, please use Create A New Account option.

Personal International Page
5. Enter Personal Information and Billing Address on the fields provided.

There are two payment methods: e-GHL or Direct Bank In. 
6. I use e-GHL for making payment in order to have faster delivery.
This is Direct Bank In information. 
7. If you choose direct bank in, you can transfer or bank in money directly into the above account after placing your order.

The defaulted Shipping Method by Skynet.
8. I have no issue on Skynet, as it always delivers on time.

Order Summary Page
9. Checking at the order information again, before confirming the payment.

Order Confirmation Page
10. When payment is processed and Credit Card verification is passed, you will be prompted with this page.

Order Tracking Page
11. I tracked my order on the next day, it was shipped. I will be receiving my order soon. Yeah!

I received the pyjamas in less than 2 days turnaround time. 
 12. When I was still in the office, my girls called and informed me that I have got a parcel. I knew, it must be from IGGI.
They are in their new pyjamas from IGGI.
My two girls like the pyjamas that I chose for them. The pyjamas suits them well too. April is wearing XXL and May is wearing XL.

Shopping with IGGI is easy peasy. 
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A letter, on her 12th birthday

To my charming, bright, perfectionist, eldest daughter….

Twelve years ago today, in the wee hours of the morning, you changed our life forever.

Your father and I smiled when you smiled. We frowned when you cried. We panic when you threw tantrum. We worried when you sick. We were so tired when you finally fell asleep late at night. We were excited to witness your first roll over at your back, your first sit on your butt, your first tooth, your first step, your first word, your first song, your first dance, your first day to nursery, your first time making me a mother’s day card and etc.

Your arrival has brought so much joy to my life. I truly enjoy being your mom.

Today, you are 12th years old, and I just want to let you know that I love you and I am so proud of you.

Here, I want to share my shard of wisdom with you.

1. Be yourself. How people think of you is none of your business.
2. Be kind and helpful to others. Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray
3. Listen to your heart. When in dilemma, always follow your own thoughts and lead your own life.

From now onward, I am not only your mom, I want to be your best friend.

Please count on me for your joy and sorrow, for your success and failure, for your ups and downs, and everything. I will be always here. I will be beside you every step of the way. I will hold your hand, cheer you on, pick you up and watch you discover all that it means to be you.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie April.


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I read too

The first book that I read in year 2016 is published by Odonata, and the book name is 头号粉丝 (Loyal fan). The characters in this book are teenagers aged from 14 to 18. In fact, it is April and May’s book. I have tried to read their books since many years ago. Of course, I could never keep up with the pace of them in buying new books.  Last year, I read one or two books only. This year, I want to read more.

Why I want to read their books?
1.       When April was much younger, she had started to read fictions that were meant for young adults. Every month, I bought one or two books from this publisher for them. The books are piling up in the book shelve.
2.       In order to know what my daughters learned and read, I must read their books.
3.       The books are actually very interesting, meaningful and educational.
4.       It is a good reminder for me as an adult to understand better how the grown-ups think and do.
5.       It is worth the value of investing in these books, at least 3 persons in the house have read these books.

头号粉丝 is about friendship. Two good friends drifted away suddenly because of the third person got involving in one of the friends’ life. This book has taught us the value of forgiveness, kindness and tolerance from friends. This book is a good reference on a true friendship for my two girls.

Tonight, I must go to the book shelve to find another book of theirs to read.  Am I  too old to read those young adult fiction? Hopefully not....
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