Children Pjyamas Online Store

Well, I am a shopaholic, be it online or offline. lol! Recently, I went online shopping at a few online stores. One of them is IGGI Pyjamas.

I myself love wearing pyjamas. So I bought pyjamas for my daughters since they were born. Thanks Barb for recommending this children pyjamas online store to me. I was told that IGGI children pyjamas have good quality and comfortable material.

Let me share with you my experience in shopping with IGGI Pyjamas.
IGGI homepage

1. Click at SHOP NOW button at the homepage. 

There are 3 categories: Girls, Boys and Toddlers. 
2. I clicked at Girls category.

There are Sleepwear, Underwear & Socks, Shirts & Tops, and Pants & Jeans subcategory
3. I click at the Sleepwear subcategory to buy sleepwear for my daughters.

Check Out Page
4. After adding items into cart, click at Check Out button. You can either checkout as Guest or Create A New Account. If you want to track your order and shipping status, please use Create A New Account option.

Personal International Page
5. Enter Personal Information and Billing Address on the fields provided.

There are two payment methods: e-GHL or Direct Bank In. 
6. I use e-GHL for making payment in order to have faster delivery.
This is Direct Bank In information. 
7. If you choose direct bank in, you can transfer or bank in money directly into the above account after placing your order.

The defaulted Shipping Method by Skynet.
8. I have no issue on Skynet, as it always delivers on time.

Order Summary Page
9. Checking at the order information again, before confirming the payment.

Order Confirmation Page
10. When payment is processed and Credit Card verification is passed, you will be prompted with this page.

Order Tracking Page
11. I tracked my order on the next day, it was shipped. I will be receiving my order soon. Yeah!

I received the pyjamas in less than 2 days turnaround time. 
 12. When I was still in the office, my girls called and informed me that I have got a parcel. I knew, it must be from IGGI.
They are in their new pyjamas from IGGI.
My two girls like the pyjamas that I chose for them. The pyjamas suits them well too. April is wearing XXL and May is wearing XL.

Shopping with IGGI is easy peasy. 


  1. Online shopping is very convenient and shop anytime. I used to buy pjyamas for my girls, since we received some from their elder cousins, I do not buy anymore.

  2. Very nice. Love the sheep one - if cannot sleep, can start counting sheep. LOL!!!

  3. Looks good! Maybe I should shop some too but afraid it don't fit my kids.

  4. Thanks for sharing. A dedicated online store that sells children pyjamas only - how unique!

  5. Looks like not bad wo, since it's recommended by you. Shall check it out! Thanks for sharing Yannie!

  6. The pyjamas prints are lovely and good to sleep with. Dreams would be sweeter and happier.
    My friend bought Angry Birds pyjamas from pasar malam and her son always had nightmares! She threw them away and now good sleep again. I wanna laugh at her.

    I wonder if they have big sizes for uncles like me??

  7. I always shop online too, but mostly for my working dresses.. Pyjamas, I just buy simple house dress.. I used to buy pyjamas for the boys lastime, long sleeve+long pants, but the weather is so warm now, they prefer wearing short pants to sleep..

  8. The girls looked happy in their new pyjamas.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Never bought pyjamas online; usually dress and accessories.

  9. Your girls' pjs are so cute! Ashley has the same red riding hood one :D