Steamed Huat Kuih

Out of so many recipes. I love huat kueh (Chinese steamed cake) the most. I have been attempting so many recipes to make huat kueh these few years. I never have steamed anything successful until recently. Though, when comparing to those very nice “huat” kueh, mine still need improvement.

So far, I have tried making pumpkin, coffee, brown sugar and pandan huat kueh. I love the most recent pandan huat kueh and coffee huat kueh that I made. They are nicely “huat” and they are yummy. Please find the recipes that I followed at the end of this post.
These are the pumpkin huat kueh which are not "laughing" at all - fail.

These are also pumpkin huat kueh, but they are very hard - fail.

These are brown sugar huat kueh, Overall ok and appearance fail. 

Pandan huat kueh are overall ok, but still not "laughing" nicely - fail. 

Brown sugar huat kueh are not "laughing" nicely - fail. 

Finally. I like this batch of pandan huat kueh. Pass with score 80/100.
My pandan huat kueh are fluffly and "laughing". I am using recipe from Sonia.
These are coffee huat kueh. Texture is soft and yummy, Pass with score 75/100
Coffee huat kueh are not as nice as the pandan huat kueh, because I didn't put in egg and coconut milk. But they taste nice too. I am using recipe from SimMami.

I have just invested in a bigger and double layers steaming wok. I hope I will utilize this new kitchen appliance for steaming more cakes. 


  1. That's the spirit, Yannie. Try and try again! Your last two batches of huat kueh look good, all smiling and laughing very loudly :D

  2. Wahhhhhh!!!! You made so many!!! Wish I could make too. I love the plain ones, eat with butter.

  3. I like to eat these steamed huat kuih! Practice makes perfect! Soon all the types you make will be fluffly and "laughing" in no time at all.

  4. Wah, getting more and more pro! I love huat kueh, especially the traditional pink types...

  5. Yums, I love steam huat kueh too! The pandan and coffee huat kueh appeal to me too!

  6. Your "fail" huat kuihs all look very nice to me leh...

  7. I have 1 question. How to make the "opening" (the big laugh) on top when steaming the cake? Weird that usually when people bake cakes, they don't like the "crack" on top. But with huat koh, we like it to be opened wide & big huh..

  8. I must applaud you and compliment your baking skills besides your terrific photography techniques now. Gone are the days you always used the same orchid flower!! Muahahahaha Look at your photos with beautiful table cloths. I love that blue checked cloth with your bright yellow Huat kuehs! Makes my face smile and my eyes also Huat.
    I am also amazed that you are so expert to make the kueh cracked up into smiles. Sure the Ang Kongs and deities would be happy to bless you with abundance of prosperity. Huuuaaatttt Aaaarrrrrrr!!

  9. Wah wah wah! Finally very huat dy. I love huat kueh and really wants to try making one of these days.

  10. I love huat kueh too. Mum used to buy those white and pink huat kueh from market for tea time when I were small.

    Try and try again, Yan! Maybe I am going to make some this weekend. ^^