Denim bags

I came to know someone who can sew beautiful bag with any material  provided. Besides, she quotes me a reasonable price for any item I request. Therefore, I keep buying jeans or jackets from the pre-loved store and pass to her. She can get my bags done very soon and I really like the bags that she made.

These are the items that I asked her to sew for me so far.

This is April's tuition bag.

This is May's tuition bag. 

This one I plan to give to my SIL as her birthday present in this August.

This is the first bag that she made for me, and I gave it to my sister as her birthday gift.

This is a leopard print material wristlet. I gave it to my sister as her Christmas present.

This is my newly ordered bag that April is going to use it to carry all her exercise and work books to school.

This is also another newly ordered bag that I have no plan who to give to at this moment. Just see who will be the lucky owner of this bag. May be I will keep it for myself. 

Other than denim bag, she can also  make backpack from old jacket. This is April's backpack.

This is May's backpack. It is made from a green color jacket.
This is made from a leopard print jacket. My sister loves it very much and I give to her again.

All of them are so lovely, right?  I also recommended many friends to her. She is telling me that she is so busy in her bag sewing business now.

Do you also like these type of non-branded but very unique bag? 


  1. Yes, I like these bags. Very sturdy.

  2. I like denim material, whether it is clothes or bags and I have Adidas Denim Haversack bought from Batam

  3. The bags are very attractive!

  4. I like April's denim bag! used to be crazy about those bags during college days. hahaha! Look like they never go out of fashion.

  5. I love this tailor who knows how to recycle every fabric. The leopard prints bag is attractive and stood out. The green bag is stylish too. Whoever carries them will make heads turn when they go shopping. I wonder whether men will carry them? Make one for your hubby too using rugged fabric badges to sew onto them.

  6. Very nicely done. I like them. I used to have denim bags during my school days. I thought they were so cool. I guess they are still cool now :D

  7. Denim bags very nice, but scared if put inside washing machine to wash, colour come out leh.. I used to have denim bags when I was younger, now no more liao lor.. Now using RM30 bags from Time Square / Groupon, haha..

  8. Very nice denim bags! It's a great way to make use of unwanted jeans.

  9. Wow so creative! How much is the workmanship?