Things that we do at Pangkor Island beach

It had been quite some time since my last update. We went for a short holiday at Pangkor Island. The nearest beach to the place we live.

All we wanted from these 3D2N stay was relaxing, staying calm, no worries and only peace.  Yes, we got what we wanted and we felt great after the holiday.

Here are those favourite moments that we captured.
Family pictures before getting wet.

Getting wet by the sea.
At the side of the beach.
Always seeing people flaunting their yoga poses in bikinis. I followed suit.
Only limited Yoga poses that I know, and thank goodness they are enough for me to pose for the album.
Having bonding time with my two girls. These pictures are enough for them to laugh at themselves and me when they have grown up.
Clear weather and clean blue sea were the two reasons for us to swim in the morning and evening. 
Other than spending time together on the beach, we went out to the sea in boat, we did snorkeling, we tried canoeing, we feast on seafood and we chilled in the hotel room.

Looking forwards to our next holiday. That will only happen after April finishing her UPSR in September.

To all wonderful dads, happy father's day.


  1. Phewitt! Sexy mama in bikini!

    Nice getaway. True, a holiday could be relaxing and re-energizing; and a good family bonding time.

    I love going to beaches.

  2. Wow Yannie! You have a great bod! Fantsatic lah you can do that arch pose. I can't even lift myself up hah..hah...

  3. Happy Father's Day to your hubby. Went to Pangkor many many years ago, working trip for a week. Nothing much there or for me at least, as I am never a beach person but I sure enjoyed the seafood...every meal, different recipes...so so so nice!!! And night time we went karaoke-ing and dancing. That was fun.

  4. New blog header banner pic, I like!

    Same as STP, I am not really a beach person but I don't mind the seafood (slurps)

    Wow that arch pose!

    Looking forward to more posts from you :)

    1. And you look so slim, no fat tummy, unlike me :P

  5. Wow! You sure keep your body nice and slim!! Thumbs up! ;))
    Hope you are doing well Yannie!

  6. Wah wah wah! Very envious of your slim and fit body Yannie. Your husband is one lucky guy to have a very hot wife.

  7. I love all your photos, especially your cover photo.. Sexy, and yet elegant, wow!

  8. You girls meditating on the beach?? Cool!

  9. Looks like a relaxing holiday for all of you and good bonding with your daughters too! All the best to April for her UPSR!

  10. What a lovely holiday photos. All looking happy and so fit esp Mama Yannie. All your hard work to work out and well done with fabulous results. I salute your determination always.

    The blog banner is very lively and interestingly original. I like!

  11. What a lovely getaway. Great bonding time with the family. I haven't been to Pangkor for over 20 years.