Second time the champion

Why I was so busy for the past few weeks? Actually I was busy with the dance performance practices for the talent competition in the company team building event.

Last year, we were the champion in the performance event. We wanted so much to defend the champion, but we didn't have much confidence. Because other groups were getting better and they had already benchmark what we had done last year.

I had been sacrificed my gym time and my hiking time for the past 1 month, joining my division colleagues for the practices, be it in the office after working hours or out of office on weekends.

Finally, the date was here. Last Saturday 7am, the company arranged 6 buses taking us from the company to The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh.
Me and my one night roommate were so excited and happy like small girls going for field trip.

The event was kick-started with aerobic exercise and then we were split into 7 groups for some indoor and outdoor activities at the theme park. I was so glad that my group won the 3rd prize on the day 1 program.

7pm, I bathed, changed, and got ready for the evening, which was the most anticipated team building program - Night of the star.

These were all the dance performance members. The same members that we had in our dance last year, except there were 3 new faces joining us this year. We called ourselves "Descendants of the rain".

As I said, the competition was tougher this year, none of us would think that we could be winning the champion again. All other 7 performances were great too. I couldn't believe it at all when the emcee announced that "Descendants of the rain" was the champion.

To my utter surprise, I got another champion on the next day extreme challenge activities at the adventure park.

Too good to be true,  the group that I participated won the 3rd place on day 1 activities, 1st place on the performance competition, and also 1st place on day 2 extreme challenge activities.What a fruitful event that I had!

To read more about my last year company team building, please visit the link below.



  1. Congratsssss!!! Now looking forward to third time next year?

  2. So that was what you were busy with, I was always checking your blog but found no update, good job to Yannie and her team to win one 3rd place and two 1st places

  3. Long time never take part in such group performances, last time during school time, when I was in secondary school (sec one), our class won first place for the singing competition and during college, I joined Chinese Orchestra and we took part in many group concert performances, really miss those times

  4. Congratulations! Now the pressure is there to keep the title next year. Haha. But all for the fun of it. Great job to you and your team mates :D

  5. Congrats! The team building event sure reaches its objective bringing all of you closer to each other.

  6. Well done to your team. And you, of course.


  7. Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

    Our Yannie won again in everything she does. No short cuts but all hard work makes Yannie the Champion always. Congratulations to you and all the team members. I wished you could share how the "Descendants of The Rain" looked like. The title itself is interesting enough already.

  8. I am shocked that you guys take these competitions so seriously! Amazing! This type of competitions in my company, we... selamba je... who cares about winning? Just go for free food and lucky draw. :/

    And congrats for being double champion! :D

  9. Well done! You and your team are very talented.

  10. Wahh..Korean inspired theme. Well done, Yan and your team members!

  11. Descendants of the rain.... Hmm... Interesting name, hehehe!

    6 buses?? Must be very happening! I saw Sharipah shared photos in FB, seems like you all had so much fun!

  12. wow...well done! You guys look fabulous too!

  13. Bravo Yannie! hahaha.... next year jai lai 1 more time!