Gathering with friends during festive holiday

Throwback Raya holidays

So good to have 1 week plant shut down off working days during Raya week. So happened that I had gathering and meet-up with friends which were scheduled on that week.

These are all the Zumba dance members who are in the same lesson with me. I meet this bunch of people twice a week.
Once in a while, we had to treat ourselves to good food and forgot about the calories.

These are all my hiking buddies, I meet them once a week on weekends.

Hikers bring only healthy snacks up hill to share.

I truly enjoy the moment that I spend with friends, Get-together with friends is key to stress-relief. When people get together, the feel good hormone is released that combats the negative effects of stress. Therefore, no matter how obsess I am exercising in the gym, I will squeeze in time for these kind of gathering in group. When friends get-together, it's a time to gossip, relax, unwind and countless pictures were taken for the album.  Therefore it is a powerful contributor to health and well-being.


  1. Wowwwwwww!!!! That's one awesome presentation! So very impressive.

    Nothing like a get together with friends, all the good positive vibes. Ummmm...no guys? :D

  2. Agree with you, I like to go out with my Buddy too, always have a lot to chat with

  3. Truly agree with you. There is nothing better than meeting up face to face. These days, with people so engrossed in virtual world, real meet up is rare. Nice that you still meet up with people so often. I wish I can do that too.

  4. Wei I think I saw those mini tau sar pneah on the pile of hiking snacks. That's... not healthy. XD

  5. What a happy gathering with friends! Your heart and soul would always be happy, making you look even younger now.
    I saw the Thai appetizer Mieng Kam!!! Wah! Who made them?
    Now I miss my mama.

  6. Wah! You sure had fun at all the gatherings :)

  7. Glad that you have a nice gathering with your friends!

    I also appreciate gathering like this, everyone is busy with own lives but we must make time for friends too~

  8. Wow..so happening and so many friends!! How I wish I can have such gatherings too!