Product Review: Tooth Spa and Latoja

Woot! I am doing the products review today for my best friend, Hayley's online business. First of all, I want to thank her for giving me a box of tooth spa powder after leaving comment in her giveaway post. So, I got a a box of tooth spa worth MYR65 for free from her. So nice!

Before I made time for meeting up with her, I went shopping at Watson and spotted the promotion of waist trimmer. Two pieces of waist trimmer costs only MYR19. What a steal! I bought them right away. I told my husband that I hate my muffin top belly so much, I want to wrap the waist trimmer around my tummy to work everyday.

After buying these waist trimmer, I suddenly thought of it, one of Hayley's products, Latoja slimming cream that she just wrote about the review recently. Ain't it perfect of applying Latoja slimming cream on my belly and then wrap that area with waist trimmer. Fulamak! I like this brilliant idea so much.

Without much delay, I texted Hayley to order Latoja slimming cream and arrange for the meet up. Hayley is very responsive. Albeit always tied up by her two toddlers, she replies message promptly and gets thing done efficiently. I can assure you that you will be satisfied with her online business service.

I couldn't wait any longer to try out all my new products - tooth spa and Latoja slimming cream (plus wrapping with waist trimmer from Watson).

ToothSpa can effectively solve these oral health problems: Tooth discoloration due to coffee or smoking, bad breathe, dental plaque, caries, gingivitis, gum bleeding, tartar, and dental erosion problems.
I personally worry of bad breathe the most. I could easily smell the bad breathe from others and it was definitely unpleasant, but I couldn't directly tell that person about it. Therefore I worry that I may have the same problem and I myself don't aware and no one is going to tell me. Besides, I take coffee every day too. So, I wish that tooth spa will help my concerns of bad breathe and tooth discoloration.
Just one time using, I could notice the slight reduction of tooth discoloration (sorry for the low density quality pictures). The effect is really promising and my elder daughter, April is now hogging the tooth spa because she dislikes the fluoride taste in normal tooth paste. 

I like this product even more - Latoja slimming cream. I have been using it twice a day for 1 week since I bought it. The result is really good. 
I use the amount as much as 1cm long. Then, I massage evenly on my belly and I rub those balance on my fingers to my buttocks. I usually apply the cream after my shower, once in the morning and once at night. Then I wrap that area with waist trimmer tightly. I go to work by putting on the waist trimmer and I remove it only when I come back in the evening. At night, I wrap it for only 30 minutes. 

There, you see my muffin top belly? These pictures were taken 2 months ago at Pulau Pangkor. Though I am longing for six pack abs, I don't know how much effort and time that I need to put in just to have flat tummy at least. 

These pictures were taken yesterday evening, I can see the line of my abs appeared vividly. I am very happy with the result. Just one week of applying the cream and wrapping with waist trimmer, my belly is flatter than before. Lovely!

I have confidence that my muffin top belly will disappear in no time with the help of Latoja slimming cream and my exercise routine in the gym, as well as Zumba and yoga.

If you are interested in these products, please WeChat Hayley (WeChat ID: york_mei). 


  1. I wish I had more teeth left. LOL!!! I really admire how you always make an effort to stay fit and trim. Keep it up! You're looking good.

  2. I am jealous with your toned body. ^^

    Keep it up.

  3. The "tooth spa" intrigues me, and you do not need any tummy trimming!

  4. Hihi Yannie! Thank you very much on this review!
    To be honest, I really think Toothspa is a great product, most importantly it's safe and effective!
    As for the Latoja cream, many would think it's kinda expensive, but if a product helps in many functions, it's worth trying isn't it?
    I think this cream suits you very much cause you workout a lot! Hehe!

    Once again, thanks for supporting me all this while! 感恩!

  5. Yannie, you are looking good! So slim and well toned. Keep it up! I know you will :)

  6. Nice write up and product review. I can see the results of the Latoja Cream and you are looking good

  7. I thought you must be a health and clean freak. I think I prefer to be in your shoes to stay healthy always with a set of healthy teeth. There are too many unhealthy people around and it is very costly to be sickly always after seeing what both my parents had gone through. You made a wise investment to look good and stay healthy. Congratulations on your achievement.

    Someone sold this tooth spa to my wife and I have used it many times. I do like the clean results and I am paying attention to the colour improvement because I have 4 tooth crowned! Sssshhhhh! So shy...

    1. I am back to give you my results. The powder of this tooth spa is indeed very effective to clean all my teeth including the crowns thoroughly. However it does not whiten one's teeth as some had posted in their ads. My original teeth is off white in dull shades and my 4 crowns are too white in its original until everyone in my office noticed the difference as the crowns stood out brightly. I better drink black coffee and stain them again to look all equal. Wakakakakaka just kidding.

      Hey, you almost never reply comments one. Tsk! Tsk!

  8. Many spa massage creams are coming with menthol, which are not good for warm massage therapy. For slimming cream, we can find different products at online shops.