Happy birthday to the gold medal dad

I love him because he always cut fruits into small cubes at those hours that I only want to eat nothing, but fruits. 
You would say that this was such an easy job and Yannie is so easy to be pleased. Muahahaha!

My girl took back her craft work from school, she folded cranes and others.  She went to her dad for help to stapler the whole thing to make a wind chimes. I heard no compliant but I saw him in action completing the assignment together with her daughter that afternoon. 
You would say that this was such a simple task, but not many men have the patience to do that. I am pretty sure.

Again, the girl wanted to create a poster by using all recycle papers and items. The teacher only gave her short timeline. Her dad promised to help up. He brought those items to office during his stand by duty hours. He sent images through Wechat to his daughter showing her the progress of using straw to make flower on toothpick. 
I don’t think you would say this is just “sap sap water”, even me as a woman does not like this type of task. It is quite tough actually, what say you? 

He cut paper into tiny small pieces, stick them on words, people, plants and background.
He spent hours on the dining table to finish the poster until very late at night. I salute him. I would definitely dare to say that he is a rare species of men. 

Today is his birthday, we celebrated his birthday in advance and April posted two pictures on her Wechat.  
“Celebrating my past life lover’s birthday in advance, thank you, I love you.” - a short and sweet note from April to him.

I am blessed to find a gold medal dad for my daughters.

To my loving husband, “Happy Birthday my white knight, I love you forever, till death do us part. “ 


  1. Champion hubby and daddy. Thumbs up! You girls are very blessed indeed.

  2. So sweet!! Happy blessed birthday to your man Yannie!!


  3. You are blessed Yannie to have such a sweet hubby and your girls blessed to have him as their daddy

  4. Yannie, you have a wonderful hubby! I am very impressed with the poster he made especially the flowers.

  5. so blessed..happy birthday to yr white knight!

  6. Aaawww. So blessed.

    Happy belated birthday to your knight.

    Pretty crafts made by your girl.

  7. He is truly a patient man. Happy belated birthday to your spouse!

  8. A belated happy birthday to your hero. Such a loving father and husband he is.

  9. My comments went missing again! Hey I was the first to comment and now I don't trust my mobile phone to post blog comments again.

    I said that your hubby is God sent as he is such a great hubby, father and gentleman. Good men are sent to good fated families only and rotten men are everywhere! Muahahaha

    It warms my heart on his patience to help and dot on both his Princesses! I compared him with my rotten brother who tries to disappear from his family always.

    I have not met this handsome birthday boy yet, but I could see from his photo that he is indeed a very good man. So sayang him more and don't bully him please. How to make any man happy??

    1. Love them without conditions.
    2. Do not nag them.
    3. Encourage him to have his 'boys nite out".

    I wish Jin-Jin a Very Happy & Healthy Birthday.

  10. aww...such a heartwarming post. Happy belated birthday to your wonderful husband.