Art projects after exam

When we were young last time,we looked forwards to days after year end exams. I would bring chess to school to play with my classmates. Nowadays, kids ain't so lucky. They were occupied with so many art projects assigned by the school.

I saw my April spending so many evenings at home just to get her art work and history folio completed after her UPSR.

Her teacher told that if they were not doing these art work, their moral paper exam mark would be deducted. Same goes to their history folio.
I like this art work, she used shoe box, clay dough, ice-cream sticks and color papers to make a 3D bedroom. She did all these on her own. 
I printed those corals from internet and she pasted them on paper that she colored. 

A wooden toy car that her dad helped her to fix, and she colored it herself.

Those wiring and batteries were also fixed by her dad. Her dad is a handyman. 
Besides, she is having a singing competition next week and she only has time to practice these few days.

She can't wait to have a break and go for a holiday. 
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Mother and daughter bonding trip

I am going for a 5D4N holiday in Perth, Australia with my elder daughter, April. This is the tour package that I signed up just for she and me. My husband will take care of our younger daughter, May that time.

The purpose of this mother and daughter’s trip are,

1.       A reward trip for her hard work and good result in completing her 6 years primary education.
2.       A compensate trip for her to give the standard 6 students and teachers trip to Singapore, KL and Malacca a miss.
3.       Creating good and bonding time for just her and myself.
4.       Giving a kind of motivation to her kid sister, May that I will take May to the two person trip too after she has done with her UPSR in another 2 years.
5.       A good memory in her childhood before going into her teen. 

We are now counting down to the trip. 
I hope that we have an enjoyable and relaxing time during the Perth trip.
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