BHK's Vitamin C

Let us take a break from our Perth trip travelogue. Today, I would love to share with everyone the beauty supplement that I recently consume. Thanks to http://www.hawooo.com/ for giving me the chance to try out their products. Out of so many products that they offer, I opt for Vitamin C, as it is a powerful antioxidant, it helps the body form and maintain connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels and skin.

For your information, many celebrities in Taiwan and Malaysia are taking BHK's beauty products. You can learn more about their wide range of products from the link http://bit.ly/ 2fzzfjv.

I started taking one tablet a day since last Saturday. Due to my frequent outdoor activities like hiking and jogging, my skin is exposed to excessive sunlight. Even though I have applied tons of sunblock, It still can't avoid the appearance of freckles and pigmentation on my cheeks. Besides, my busy lifestyle juggling from work, family and exercise, I constantly lack of time to rest. My big eye bags and dark circles revealed my tiredness most of the time. I also has big skin pores, acne marks from those days, uneven skin tones and etc that I wish to get rid of forever.

I read the BHK's Vitamin C product label carefully. It can restore the dullness of the skin, it can help the formation of the collagen, it can make the skin tone even and brighter, it can also protect the skin from the weather, and it can improve the elasticity of the skin. The most important is the anti-aging effect in BHK's Vitamin C. It is best to prevent skin sagging and premature aging. This beauty supplement fulfills all my needs.

You can understand more of BHK's Vitamin C from this link http://bit.ly/2eEdhth.



After taking BHK's Vitamin C for a week, I scrutinize my skin. I found out that the pigmentation, acne marks and freckles are lighter, the pores are smaller, and the skin tone is more even than before. That's all that I can see for the one week consumption.

The box of the product states the ingredients of 1 tablet clearly. 1 tablet contains of 500mg Vitamin C. One bottle has 60 tablets that will last for 2 months. I am taking one tablet every day after dinner.

How concentrate of one 500mg vitamin C? It is equivalent to 180 small tomatoes or 9 oranges or 40 strawberries or 8 kiwi fruits.

The price of one bottle of BHK's Vitamin C is only RM77.40, two bottles = RM130. Other than in a bottle, the products are also sold in a pack of 30 tablets. 3 packs =  RM109.90 and 6 packs = RM159.90. 

Although it is only 10 days of consumption, I can see that my skin is brighter and healthier, especially the tone of my skin. Of course other than taking beauty supplement, we still have to follow a good skincare regime, have healthy food, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, manage stress and improve sleep quality to ensure a youthful skin. Agree?

I will continue taking BHK's Vitamin C. I shall come back with more update on my skin progress. Please stay tune. 
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Attractions in Perth

Day 3

After breakfast at the hotel,we first visited Hillary's Boat Harbour and Sorrento Quay.The weather there was very cold and windy.We quickly put our scarves on.

Then,we continued on to Lake Monger.We saw black swans in the lake.

The next attraction was Kings Park. We walked through Lotterywest Federation Walkway to take some pictures.

And then we visited Elizabeth Quay and viewed the Bell Tower.

After seeing all these Perth's famous attractions,we reached our lunch time.We had got our stomach treated at a Hong Kong restaurant.

It was our free time then.We shopped at a chemist warehouse and some souvenirs shops.Around 5:30 p.m.,we took a taxi back to the hotel.I had bought a big and tasty muffin as my dinner.

That all for my day 2 Perth city tour. 

I am taking this opportunity to share a good news with everyone. I had successfully got straight As (8As) result in my UPSR. I have made my parents' money well worth spent on my Perth trip. kekekeke! Thanks everyone!

This post is written by April
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Close encountered with Koalas and Kangaroos

Thursday morning,we just didn't want to get up as the hotel bed was so comfortable.

Well,it's day 2.The fun had just begun.

After breakfast at the hotel restaurant,we visited Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley.I was so happy and excited cause I would be able to watch koalas and kangaroos. It was so good that we met the kangaroos first there.

We fed the kangaroos.They ate a lot.We were surprised when we saw a kangaroo with a baby in its pouch.

We watched a farm show at Tumbulgum Farm.We also took some photos with the goats.
We met a wombat.We learned that there is such animal for the very first time.

And then it was the most interesting part,a close encountering with the cute koalas!

We then went to the next attraction,the Margaret River Chocolate Co in Swan Valley.We enjoyed free chocolate tastings and ice cream.

After having a delicious western lunch at Valley View Garden Cafe & Restaurant,we visited Mondo Nougat and Morish Nut.

Mum had wine tasting at Sandalford Winery.I did not taste any because I'm under 18. Mum bought a bottle of wine for Dad.

Went to Watertown Brand Outlet. It was aunties' shopping time.

We ate Chinese food as dinner at Paddy Field Chinese Restaurant.We were so full but everyone still could not finish the dishes.

We were then back to the hotel at 7.00 p.m.

It was a fun,happy and beautiful day for me,and my Mum too.

This post is written by April  
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4 days buffets breakfast in Perth

We had the same buffet breakfast for the continuous 4 days stay at the hotel in Perth, Australia. I took almost the same type of food everyday, simply because I just like those food that I put in my plate.
I chose dim sum, corn, egg, assorted fruits with natural yogurt and overnight oat. I drank at least 4 cups of milk too. Surprisingly, I had totally forgotten to treat myself a cup of coffee or juice. I just got hooked on the milk there.

April would help herself with some sausage or ham with baked beans. She is a good eater actually.

I would make her a cup of Australia honey every morning and she likes it more than the juice and milk.

I helped myself with 2 slices of toasts, some dim sum, a big plate of fruits with yogurt and oats, and 4 cups of milk were my 4 days breakfast in Perth. I felt so full each time I left the restaurant and got into the van for our tour.

Now, I have back to my routine. I have also started to take 7 rules in 7 days challenge.

Here is the list of the 7 rules.
1. No bread.
2. No sweet.
3. 8 cups of water daily.
4. At least 30 minutes of exercise daily.
5. No fast food.
6. Eat plenty fruits.
7. No fried food.

Easy? Just remember to do these 7 rules for 7 days, I think it is pretty easy. 
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Upon our arrival in Perth

Let me briefly share with you how we finally made our arrival in Perth from our home.

Tuesday evening, April and May went to tuition and I still went to my zumba lesson as a normal Tuesday. We all reached home at 10pm. May went to bed as she still had to go to school on the next day. April and me changed and got ourselves ready in the living room. While waiting for the van to come and pick us up, we watched the Singapore movie, "Our story 2" from the laptop. Around 12:30am, the van arrived.  It took us to Ipoh to join other tour members, and then we took Yoyo bus to KLIA2.

Wednesday morning, we reached KLIA2. I let April choose the breakfast that she liked. She ordered the omelette from The Loaf. Stingy me only took bread that I brought along from home.

We took 10am flight to Perth Airport. Both April and me slept through the whole journey, except waking up for chicken rice that served by AirAsia cabin crews. We finally reached Perth around 4pm.

14 of us in the tour group were drove to China Town immediately as we were going to have our dinner in one of the Hong Kong restaurants. 

The weather was very nice, windy and cold in fact. I didn't know that I was so scared of the coldness, as I thought Australia spring was not that cold. The wind was actually colder than what I expected.

April was very excited, she kept taking picture from the window while the van was on the road. My objective was to let her do and eat whatever she enjoyed.

After the dinner, we checked in the 4 stars hotel and there started our 4 nights stay. 

It a was big, clean and cozy room. We both found the room very comfortable and nice. I will talk about the room separately in my another post.

April wanted to snap a picture of herself lazing around and wechat to her dad immediately she got into the room. Yeah! The hotel has FREE WiFi.

We watched TV for a while after taking shower, and we off the light and  Zzzzzz...around 10pm. We were very excited and looking forwards to the next day program touring in Perth.

It was indeed a very long and tired travelling day. 
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