4 days buffets breakfast in Perth

We had the same buffet breakfast for the continuous 4 days stay at the hotel in Perth, Australia. I took almost the same type of food everyday, simply because I just like those food that I put in my plate.
I chose dim sum, corn, egg, assorted fruits with natural yogurt and overnight oat. I drank at least 4 cups of milk too. Surprisingly, I had totally forgotten to treat myself a cup of coffee or juice. I just got hooked on the milk there.

April would help herself with some sausage or ham with baked beans. She is a good eater actually.

I would make her a cup of Australia honey every morning and she likes it more than the juice and milk.

I helped myself with 2 slices of toasts, some dim sum, a big plate of fruits with yogurt and oats, and 4 cups of milk were my 4 days breakfast in Perth. I felt so full each time I left the restaurant and got into the van for our tour.

Now, I have back to my routine. I have also started to take 7 rules in 7 days challenge.

Here is the list of the 7 rules.
1. No bread.
2. No sweet.
3. 8 cups of water daily.
4. At least 30 minutes of exercise daily.
5. No fast food.
6. Eat plenty fruits.
7. No fried food.

Easy? Just remember to do these 7 rules for 7 days, I think it is pretty easy. 


  1. I find myself eating the same thing for breakfast in hotels too. All I need are some muesli, nuts and milk.

    April can sure eat because she is a growing child. A growing child needs to eat a lot :)

    I want to take up the 7 days challenge too. Sounds like my daily routine as well.

  2. Oh my!!! I love buffet breakfasts at hotels, so much to choose, so much to eat - I'd go out of control... LOL!!!

  3. How nice! I see that you are still eating healthy. I find it hard to do the 7 rules for 7 days challenge :(

  4. I always enjoyed the Breakfast Buffet spread by the good hotels. They tend to have a good balance of carbo, fruits and ample beverages! I also drank milk by the gallons in US, so I understand why you had a craze there for their Ang Moh Goo Leng!!!.
    You are a very strong willed lady and I believe the 7 Rules are too easy for you. You definitely have the good blessing of wisdom to lead a good lifestyle.

  5. 7 rules?!! for 7 days?!! I pengsan after one day...lol!

  6. Very healthy and disciplined rules, Yan!

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