Attractions in Perth

Day 3

After breakfast at the hotel,we first visited Hillary's Boat Harbour and Sorrento Quay.The weather there was very cold and windy.We quickly put our scarves on.

Then,we continued on to Lake Monger.We saw black swans in the lake.

The next attraction was Kings Park. We walked through Lotterywest Federation Walkway to take some pictures.

And then we visited Elizabeth Quay and viewed the Bell Tower.

After seeing all these Perth's famous attractions,we reached our lunch time.We had got our stomach treated at a Hong Kong restaurant.

It was our free time then.We shopped at a chemist warehouse and some souvenirs shops.Around 5:30 p.m.,we took a taxi back to the hotel.I had bought a big and tasty muffin as my dinner.

That all for my day 2 Perth city tour. 

I am taking this opportunity to share a good news with everyone. I had successfully got straight As (8As) result in my UPSR. I have made my parents' money well worth spent on my Perth trip. kekekeke! Thanks everyone!

This post is written by April


  1. Congratulations April for your good results with flying colours. I am sure your mummy is still floating on Cloud 9 and didn't come down yet. That's why you had to blog again on her behalf. LOL

    Your photos are very lovely and interesting to me as I have never visited Australia until today. You have been there - LUCKY GAL!!!

  2. Congratulations April! You are brilliant. Yes, you deserve this Australia trip. So does your mum :)

  3. I love this western countries even if it is sitting by the roadside doing nothing, enjoying the cool weather and fresh air and watching people go by.

    Congrats, April. Keep it up! All the best in secondary school. Cheers!!!

  4. Congratulations! 8As . Impressive!

  5. Well done and congrats, April! Mummy and daddy must be very proud of you.

    You deserved this wonderful holiday.

    Keep up the good works and make your parents proud.

  6. Weather looks fine over there, but will get tanned also la if stay outdoor for long period, haha!

    Straight As?? Wow!! Congratulations!! Your parents sure super proud of you!

  7. Congrats to you, April! You write so well too for this post. Lovely photos of you and your mother.