BHK's Vitamin C

Let us take a break from our Perth trip travelogue. Today, I would love to share with everyone the beauty supplement that I recently consume. Thanks to http://www.hawooo.com/ for giving me the chance to try out their products. Out of so many products that they offer, I opt for Vitamin C, as it is a powerful antioxidant, it helps the body form and maintain connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels and skin.

For your information, many celebrities in Taiwan and Malaysia are taking BHK's beauty products. You can learn more about their wide range of products from the link http://bit.ly/ 2fzzfjv.

I started taking one tablet a day since last Saturday. Due to my frequent outdoor activities like hiking and jogging, my skin is exposed to excessive sunlight. Even though I have applied tons of sunblock, It still can't avoid the appearance of freckles and pigmentation on my cheeks. Besides, my busy lifestyle juggling from work, family and exercise, I constantly lack of time to rest. My big eye bags and dark circles revealed my tiredness most of the time. I also has big skin pores, acne marks from those days, uneven skin tones and etc that I wish to get rid of forever.

I read the BHK's Vitamin C product label carefully. It can restore the dullness of the skin, it can help the formation of the collagen, it can make the skin tone even and brighter, it can also protect the skin from the weather, and it can improve the elasticity of the skin. The most important is the anti-aging effect in BHK's Vitamin C. It is best to prevent skin sagging and premature aging. This beauty supplement fulfills all my needs.

You can understand more of BHK's Vitamin C from this link http://bit.ly/2eEdhth.



After taking BHK's Vitamin C for a week, I scrutinize my skin. I found out that the pigmentation, acne marks and freckles are lighter, the pores are smaller, and the skin tone is more even than before. That's all that I can see for the one week consumption.

The box of the product states the ingredients of 1 tablet clearly. 1 tablet contains of 500mg Vitamin C. One bottle has 60 tablets that will last for 2 months. I am taking one tablet every day after dinner.

How concentrate of one 500mg vitamin C? It is equivalent to 180 small tomatoes or 9 oranges or 40 strawberries or 8 kiwi fruits.

The price of one bottle of BHK's Vitamin C is only RM77.40, two bottles = RM130. Other than in a bottle, the products are also sold in a pack of 30 tablets. 3 packs =  RM109.90 and 6 packs = RM159.90. 

Although it is only 10 days of consumption, I can see that my skin is brighter and healthier, especially the tone of my skin. Of course other than taking beauty supplement, we still have to follow a good skincare regime, have healthy food, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, manage stress and improve sleep quality to ensure a youthful skin. Agree?

I will continue taking BHK's Vitamin C. I shall come back with more update on my skin progress. Please stay tune. 


  1. I must try this too since you have been convinced. As I age each day, my body is screaming for more supplements.

  2. Your beauty secret, eh? Not too late for me, I hope. LOL!!!

  3. you sre done a lot of research on this. Sounds like very good product

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