Upon our arrival in Perth

Let me briefly share with you how we finally made our arrival in Perth from our home.

Tuesday evening, April and May went to tuition and I still went to my zumba lesson as a normal Tuesday. We all reached home at 10pm. May went to bed as she still had to go to school on the next day. April and me changed and got ourselves ready in the living room. While waiting for the van to come and pick us up, we watched the Singapore movie, "Our story 2" from the laptop. Around 12:30am, the van arrived.  It took us to Ipoh to join other tour members, and then we took Yoyo bus to KLIA2.

Wednesday morning, we reached KLIA2. I let April choose the breakfast that she liked. She ordered the omelette from The Loaf. Stingy me only took bread that I brought along from home.

We took 10am flight to Perth Airport. Both April and me slept through the whole journey, except waking up for chicken rice that served by AirAsia cabin crews. We finally reached Perth around 4pm.

14 of us in the tour group were drove to China Town immediately as we were going to have our dinner in one of the Hong Kong restaurants. 

The weather was very nice, windy and cold in fact. I didn't know that I was so scared of the coldness, as I thought Australia spring was not that cold. The wind was actually colder than what I expected.

April was very excited, she kept taking picture from the window while the van was on the road. My objective was to let her do and eat whatever she enjoyed.

After the dinner, we checked in the 4 stars hotel and there started our 4 nights stay. 

It a was big, clean and cozy room. We both found the room very comfortable and nice. I will talk about the room separately in my another post.

April wanted to snap a picture of herself lazing around and wechat to her dad immediately she got into the room. Yeah! The hotel has FREE WiFi.

We watched TV for a while after taking shower, and we off the light and  Zzzzzz...around 10pm. We were very excited and looking forwards to the next day program touring in Perth.

It was indeed a very long and tired travelling day. 


  1. I would love to go to Perth some day, lots of relatives and friends there. I prefer going to places where there are people that I know, can show me around especially to places where the food is great.

  2. I never been to Perth.. my son came back telling that I should go.. but must have a driver... hahahaa.. so hinting to me to take him along too.. for free! Your girl is very pretty and sweet... she looks so tall..unlike my girl, she is so small sized till today! hahahaa

  3. I have never been to Perth. Only been to Melbourne and Sydney. Would love to go to Perth one of these days.

    It is so nice to have a mom and daughter bonding trip. Looking forward to your next post.

  4. Heard that Perth is a very relaxing and slow pace city, I have never been to Australia before

    Looking forward to your next post on your trip.

  5. The hotel room looked quite spacious.

    Nice update on your holiday in Australia.

  6. So exciting! I wish I could travel like you too. Can't wait for more of your updates.

  7. wa, the girls so big liao lo... enjoy your holiday ya

  8. Whoa! The room is big and I could see your daughter truly enjoyed the trip. Your planning was wonderful to reward her alone which she would treasure forever. Both of you look like sisters in the photo.

    Now I am thinking hard about visiting Australia for a change instead of China & Japan always. I might opt for Perth too as I have only one friend there whereas I have too many close relatives and friends living in Sydney and Melbourne. I have no time to see them all.

  9. I love everything in Sydney when I was there few years back. I bet Perth offers you guys all good memories too!
    Look forward to read more of your travelogue Yannie!

  10. Wow, looks like an enjoyable journey has begun..looking forward to your next post.

  11. That's a wonderful bonding trip. I don't think I can bring one and left another one as I will leave with endless whining from the small one. But I know your younger girl will get that treat too in nex 2 yrs, how nice.