Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!!

Reasons of being MIA from blogsphere are,
1. April and May are having long school break. We need to spend more time with them.
2. We went to cuti cuti in Malaysia, within December month, we traveled to  Seremban, Penang and KL for jalan jalan cari makan.
3. We try to catch a few TVB and Korean dramas.

I think it is a good idea to have a post before biding farewell with 2016. Today is also my last working day in 2016 and I shall return to work on 3 January 2017.

I would love to share a few pictures of Yannie which were taken in Lebuh Chulia, Penang, We stayed opposite Grand Swiss Hotel, so I managed to visit the wall art in front of the hotel every day.

Every day, I never forgot to keep Marilyn Monroe company while she waited for her transport.

I also shared my silly joke to Mr. Bean when bumping into him on his bicycle.

Other than that, I had a glass of red wine with Mona Lisa too

Oh ya! Beethoven gave me a test on Fur Elise, but I could only remember Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So....

Well, that is all for 2016. I wish all my readers a Very Happy New Year 2017.

Yannie will continue to live every day to its fullest, juggling in exercise, work and family. Yannie too will be a good mama to April and May and a loving wife to my white knight.

You folks, please stay happy, easy and fun. 
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Last touring in Perth

We had the same buffet breakfast at the hotel. Actually,it was the last day visiting places in Perth coz the next day morning we would be sent to the airport.

We were proceeded to Mandurah. We had enjoyed a relaxing one hour Canal Estuary & Dolphin Spotting Cruise. I was excited to see cute and friendly dolphins,but they swam very fast.

We were amazed by the beautiful bungalows, and each bungalow has a private yacht  parked in front. Wow! It would be so fantastic if we could live there.

We ate our lunch at Cicerello's Mandurah. It's just located at the harbour. We were served with seafood soup, fish & chips and ice-cream. The fish & chip was 'ang moh lang' size.  I couldn't finish although it was yummy.

Then we went on the small bus and continued our journey to Raeburn Fruit Orchard.

It was not a fruit season, so we could only tasted some frozen apples and pears.

We visited weekend market at Fremantle. We bought, lanolin lotion, some fresh fruits and a pencil case for May there.

Two more places to go, before we ended our touring that day. 

We visited Fishing Boat Harbour. The yacht were beautifully decorated with small colorful flags and Australia's national flags.

Then, we went to the Monument Hill.

The happy and relaxing Perth trip ended. We left with heavy heart, because we like Perth very much.

We spent our last night at Perth watching TV and eating strawberries and blueberries that we bought at the weekend market just now. 

This post is written by April
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