Last touring in Perth

We had the same buffet breakfast at the hotel. Actually,it was the last day visiting places in Perth coz the next day morning we would be sent to the airport.

We were proceeded to Mandurah. We had enjoyed a relaxing one hour Canal Estuary & Dolphin Spotting Cruise. I was excited to see cute and friendly dolphins,but they swam very fast.

We were amazed by the beautiful bungalows, and each bungalow has a private yacht  parked in front. Wow! It would be so fantastic if we could live there.

We ate our lunch at Cicerello's Mandurah. It's just located at the harbour. We were served with seafood soup, fish & chips and ice-cream. The fish & chip was 'ang moh lang' size.  I couldn't finish although it was yummy.

Then we went on the small bus and continued our journey to Raeburn Fruit Orchard.

It was not a fruit season, so we could only tasted some frozen apples and pears.

We visited weekend market at Fremantle. We bought, lanolin lotion, some fresh fruits and a pencil case for May there.

Two more places to go, before we ended our touring that day. 

We visited Fishing Boat Harbour. The yacht were beautifully decorated with small colorful flags and Australia's national flags.

Then, we went to the Monument Hill.

The happy and relaxing Perth trip ended. We left with heavy heart, because we like Perth very much.

We spent our last night at Perth watching TV and eating strawberries and blueberries that we bought at the weekend market just now. 

This post is written by April


  1. I would love to live in one of the bungalows overlooking the sea.

  2. Last time we went Turkey, also got many bungalows along the sea, how I wish I live in one of them

    Sounds like a very relaxing trip for you and your girl in Perth

    It is always nice to go overseas, can forget about all our worries for a while

  3. Lovely! Personally I feel that their fish and chips are so much nicer than anything we can get here - maybe it's the weather, the surroundings, everything. One will enjoy it so much more.

  4. I would love to go Perth one day.. but hope to stay longer so that can go around more places... :)

  5. That fish and chips size is just right for me hee..hee...

  6. You were lucky to see dolphins!

    I was on the cruise to see dolphins when I went to Sydney but waited and waited, no luck :( It was drizzling some more~~

  7. I have heard so much how lovely Perth is and you just shared many unknown places which looked lovely.. I must plan to make a visit someday.

  8. I hope to visit Perth someday and enjoy the 'ang moh lang' fish & chips!

  9. The weather looks good. I love Fish and chips.

  10. What a lovely last day in Perth! Definitely could not finish eating the chips but the fish - should be able to finish it, right?

  11. Yanie,

    Just dropping by to wish you and your family a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!