Happy Birthday and happy always!

Today is my birthday. I foresee no celebration, as hubby is taking the girls for ping pong tournament and they shall put up a night in the hotel. I can't follow them this trip, as I need to attend my last 2 days training of  Personal Development course. This course is actually keeping me occupied for the past 8 months and this is the reason I am MIA from blogsphere. After the final exam in mid March, I am sure back to active again in blogsphere.

Despite no celebration, I know I am still happy as I am blessed with a supportive and caring hubby, two wonderful daughters whom never fail to amaze me. I am loved by a bunch of positive and fantastic family and friends. I have a stable job and I am persistent in keeping myself fit. My ultimate goal in my life is having a peace of mind.

No matter what I do, I always tell myself that to make peace with my mind. This has given me wisdom, strength, and calmness to remain happy always.

I will continue to love myself, love my daughters, love my husband and love those who love me. 
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