My training on hill running

The exam was over. Admittedly I was not doing as great as I wanted myself to do. All blame to not study hard enough. Out 50 questions, I already knew that I had answered 10 incorrect. So, no hope to get distinction, just hope a B instead. Cry!

Now I have to prepare for my 10 KM run at KOBL. 5 KM run uphill, and take the u-turn to run downhill for another 5KM. So far, I had tried running at the actual track for 5 times. I had finally made it yesterday to run uphill for the complete 5KM without stopping to walk for a single step, although I still couldn’t achieve the timing record that I possessed in 2015. My strategy is actually running with smaller step and slower pace in the beginning. This will sustain my energy for longer duration.  

When running up a hill, we’ve got to do extra work to overcome gravity. This requires the body to recruit more muscles in the legs to overcome the force of gravity and carry us up the slope.
When running down a hill, we are allowed a “free” increase in running speed (since gravity is giving back all the energy we spent going up the hill.) We generally want to take advantage of this, especially when we are racing.

I feel tremendously good after each training, because my tight, my pelvis and my calf muscles are sore. I never have all this fun when running on treadmills. Therefore I will still go running at Bukit Larut, even after the race.

Some mental cues like “stand tall, chest up, head straight, eyes look in front”, “drive the hips”,  and “lean and go” are great for hill running.

I feel so excited and look forwards to the race on 9 April 2017. 


  1. You've done your best for your exam. Though it could be better, I am sure you did well. All the best for your coming race!

  2. Run Yannie Run!! You must be crowned the Queen of Bukit Larut 2017.

  3. Good luck in your run. I think you did well in your exam. At least you try your best. ^^

  4. All the best in the race, coming soon!

  5. At least the exam is over. Now to just concentrate on the race. All the best in your coming race!

  6. Again, I'm proud of you. You have try your best. Good luck in your preparation for the coming race ya.

  7. Wah, really salute you la Yannie! Can gym, run and hike!!
    Now, I will prefer yoga or dance... Cannot even jog, haha! Lazy~