My personal training route planner

As I mentioned in my earlier post that I am going for my first road race this July, it is so nice of my husband that he has started to plan a training route for me. He is always very supportive and caring.

He tried to use google map to plan according to the distance that I am going to run. He then explained to me on the direction from where I need to start, when I need to go through and where I need to finish. I then tried to act as innocent as I always used to be and I asked for more landmarks that a google map can provide. 

This morning, it is my first training on the route he designed, and I wake up to see this on the white board. 

It is so sweet of him, right? He never complained about my busy and active lifestyle, and he is encouraging me in whatever I love to do. Thanks dear. Love you. 

It has been 3 continuous weeks that I only eat a cup of ten grains rice that I only cook with pumpkins and purple sweet potatoes as my breakfast. I lose 1.5kg already. A lighter body can allow me to run faster, no?

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My overall in KOBL2017

Today I am going to update about my race in Toyo Tires King of Bukit Larut (KOBL) 2017 on 9 April 2017. I am happy to be the champion in Women Veteran 10KM, the 4th place in gender overall and the 40th place in 10KM overall. My timing is 1 hour and 6 minutes 15 seconds. Comparing to KOBL 2015, I was actually the 3rd in women open 10KM. So, I would say that I didn’t retain my previous race position. If it did not have the women veteran category this year, I would come back with just the finisher medal. Thanks to Toyo Tires for the sponsor.

A few days after the race, I didn't rest for long. I again sign up myself for another race on 1 July. That is the first night run my town. I sign up and I pay my own money (very rare case) for the night run, simply because it is at night and I don’t need to wake up early in for the early hour flag off.

I always train myself in the evening in the gym for my 8KM run. So happen this night run has women veteran 8KM race. Therefore, I have to start training harder from now on until 1 July.


Why my blog suddenly turns into a running blog? I just want to update about my activity recently. Well, I have a reason to stay active, I have a mission to complete and I have a goal to achieve. Ain’t this a happy life? As long as you are doing what you enjoy, you will be happy, right?

Other than this, I actually kind of busy at work. My project seems never-ending. I work very hard during office hours too. I do get pressure and stress in the office. Thank goodness that I know how to keep calm and release my tension elsewhere. 

That is all for now. You have a nice day ahead, folks. 
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Preparation for KOBL 2017

I have been taken 10 grains rice with only purple sweet potatoes as my breakfast for the past 1 week. This breakfast can provide me enough energy as it is high carbs. My last training was on Tuesday. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to run uphill and downhill without stopping. It ain't my record two years ago. My record is 1 hour and 24 minutes. 

I have got my race kits. Due to late submitted name list from my company. Our bibs were all handwritten. Others were printed so nicely. By the way, my company is actually the main sponsor of the event, and 21 of us are sponsored by the company to run tomorrow. 

Other than taking the 10 grains rice, I have done less running this week after the Tuesday training at the actual trail. I only attended the two times Zumba lessons as usual. Tonight, I am going for a swim and sauna, then sleep early and wake up early for the event.

Hopefully, I have all the strength to run uphill 5KM and downhill 5KM. By the way, I am running in women veteran 10KM this year. Unlike the KOBL 2015, I was in woman open 10KM category.
I am so excited for the tomorrow race. The most important I must have a good sleep tonight. 
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