My personal training route planner

As I mentioned in my earlier post that I am going for my first road race this July, it is so nice of my husband that he has started to plan a training route for me. He is always very supportive and caring.

He tried to use google map to plan according to the distance that I am going to run. He then explained to me on the direction from where I need to start, when I need to go through and where I need to finish. I then tried to act as innocent as I always used to be and I asked for more landmarks that a google map can provide. 

This morning, it is my first training on the route he designed, and I wake up to see this on the white board. 

It is so sweet of him, right? He never complained about my busy and active lifestyle, and he is encouraging me in whatever I love to do. Thanks dear. Love you. 

It has been 3 continuous weeks that I only eat a cup of ten grains rice that I only cook with pumpkins and purple sweet potatoes as my breakfast. I lose 1.5kg already. A lighter body can allow me to run faster, no?


  1. So nice and sweet of your hubby. We excel in what we do when there is encouragement from the one(s) we love.

  2. Your husband is very thoughtful and caring. Nice of him to be supportive in whatever you do. Good luck in your run next month. Am sure this is the first but not the last road run for you. ^^

  3. Wah, lost 1.5kg?? So envy! I also wish I can....

    You really are one lucky woman!

  4. Same as Hayley, how I wish I can lose weight and remain as a wish as usual, hee hee

    So nice, thoughtful and caring of your hubby, the support from family is very important

  5. Your husband is so nice to be so supportive of your running activities! What do you eat for lunch and dinner that you can lose so much weight in such a short time?

  6. You are bless with your personal coach. Well Done Yan, you deserved the medal.