Preparation for KOBL 2017

I have been taken 10 grains rice with only purple sweet potatoes as my breakfast for the past 1 week. This breakfast can provide me enough energy as it is high carbs. My last training was on Tuesday. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to run uphill and downhill without stopping. It ain't my record two years ago. My record is 1 hour and 24 minutes. 

I have got my race kits. Due to late submitted name list from my company. Our bibs were all handwritten. Others were printed so nicely. By the way, my company is actually the main sponsor of the event, and 21 of us are sponsored by the company to run tomorrow. 

Other than taking the 10 grains rice, I have done less running this week after the Tuesday training at the actual trail. I only attended the two times Zumba lessons as usual. Tonight, I am going for a swim and sauna, then sleep early and wake up early for the event.

Hopefully, I have all the strength to run uphill 5KM and downhill 5KM. By the way, I am running in women veteran 10KM this year. Unlike the KOBL 2015, I was in woman open 10KM category.
I am so excited for the tomorrow race. The most important I must have a good sleep tonight. 


  1. Ooo. 10 grain rice with purple sweet potatoes. Interesting diet. Good luck in your run.

  2. how was your run? I am sure you did well.

  3. Can't wait to read about your run. I am sure Yannie did well! Your 10 grains rice with purple sweet potato looks delicious to me. I am so greedy. LOL!

  4. Thanks folks, just a brief update. I am very happy that I am the number 4 for Women open 10KM and I am the champion for Women Veteran 10KM category. I will update in more details soon.