Charity run 2017

Tomorrow morning I have a run event. It is also sponsored by my company to join a charity school for a local high school. I take part in 7KM women open, as I am only qualified for this category this time.

I don't have much confident as it is the women open and it is only 7KM tar road. I have better endurance than speed in running. A distance of more than 10KM will benefit me more.  Well, I will take it as a trial run for my 8KM night run event in July.

Nevertheless, I will do my very best, as I have put in lots of hard work in training recently.

I just wish that I will enjoy my run and retain my own record. So far, I complete my 7KM in 42 minutes (my pace is 10 kilometers per hour). That is the best I can do for now.

Today, I will go and run 7KM at the actual track as my last round of training for tomorrow run.

Till then, have a nice and pleasant weekend, folks. 


  1. Oh? You're not joining the Standard Chartered one in KL? Everyone's talking about it. Anyway, good luck in this one, all the best.

    1. Good to know that, all good one must be there already. Kakakaka!

  2. All the best tomorrow. Am sure you would make it.

  3. All the best! Hope you enjoy your run and retain your record as you wish though I think you will beat your own record.

  4. I am sure you did well, Yannie! The important thing is that you took part.

  5. What a healthy and happy mama! Keep going for events and that would keep us on our toes to exercise harder. But...please....please... eat more food as you are getting too skinny like my toothpick! Muahahaha

  6. Jiayou (meaning add oil) Yannie, I am still not exercising enough hee hee, no motivation unless got Kaki

  7. Hi Yannie, nice blog header! Lovely family photo <3

    I know you did well in that charity run, well done!!