Happy Get-together

I enjoy my run and work out in the gym. I also like to go hiking with a few friends on weekends, However, every Tuesday and Thursday, I will feel even more excited, as I am looking forwards to join the Zumba lesson in the evening. I am very happy whenever I am in the class with my instructor and other Zumba members. Though I know that I don't burn that much of calories when comparing to run 8KM on the treadmill and also hike 10KM at Bukit Larut. It is the least  strenuous exercise for me in a week. May be because of the music, the move, the friendly atmosphere and the people. I just love going there.

I am checking at my pictures folders, and noticing that I have been to a few gatherings with my Zumba buddies lately. We are qualified to be in the veteran category. We are all having a  different marital status. There are married, single, working mom, housewife, grandmother, divorcee, and widow. We share the laughter, fun, joy and happiness when we are together.

Year End Dinner on December 2016

New Year lesson on February 2017

Chap Goh Meh dinner 2017

Picture just was taken yesterday at Port Weld Seafood Restaurant
Now you all know why all aunties going for exercise, but sill can't lose much weight. It is all because of these gatherings. We sweat and we work out so hard every day, but when going for gatherings, we feast ourselves with scrumptious food. How on earth we can lose weight like that?

Joke aside, we enjoy the outing together actually. Occasionally we also have to let ourselves to enjoy life and be happy, no?

Happy weekend, folks! 


  1. Wahhhhhhh!!!! All ladies, eh? No photos of the food?

  2. I love it! What a life. Meet new friends, have good food and sweat a lot. Lol.

  3. It is nice and important to have like-minded friends

  4. nice photos! everyone is happy to gather either for zumba or for food.hope you had a great weekend.

  5. You ladies sure had a lot of fun!

  6. I see some familiar faces there =)

    I always believe it's important to get together with buddies, I always cherish every gathering!

  7. All looked very fit, good and no one is fat inside the photo. Eat, Exercise, Eat, Exercise & Laugh is a blissful life you have.

  8. nice to see u ladies enjoying all the activities and outings! u ladies rock!!!

  9. Nice collection of photos with your buddies.