I won in Women Open 7KM

I woke up rather early on last Sunday for the charity run that I mentioned in my earlier post. I must thank my husband for preparing 3 half boiled eggs and a cup of Milo as my breakie before sending me off to the event. He is always so supportive.

I started by running a little faster. I ran passing the two ladies who started off in front of me and remained as the first throughout the 7KM run.

We, from the same company and standing proud in front of the backdrop which has filled with all our company logos

First time wearing my new running cap to run, a gift from my husband. 

The top four runners in Women Open 7KM.

I don't want to deny that I am very happy to bag the champion in this category of this run, as I didn't have much confident prior to the run. 

It was the women open category but the top 5 were almost all with the age which qualified for veterans. 
I feel so much happier than winning the champion in Women Veteran 10KM in KOBL2017, because this was my first race on flat road and I didn't expect to bag any prize in the beginning.

My next race is on 1st July and it is our first night run in the town.

Yannie, Ganbatte Kudasai. 


  1. Yannie, you look so slim in the photos, ok, I must go exercise now, zoom....

    Not forgetting, congrats for winning the prize

  2. Well done Yannie! Good to keep fit and healthy!!

  3. Congrats! Gambatte for your next race!

  4. Well done Yannie! You are superwoman :)

  5. Congratulations Mummy! You are now Queen of Bukit Larut, 10 km and 7km!

  6. Congrats! You did it. Keep it up, lady!