5 Tips Pre-race Day

1 July 2017 9:00 pm, I am going for a run at Night Safari. I am taking part in 8KM, women veteran category. April is also joining the 4KM, women open fun race. This is the first night run in the town, and this is also my first ever run that I registered with my own money. The previous races were all sponsored by the company that I work.

Why I registered? I am actually not a fan of a marathon or run event, but I run at least 3 to 4 times a week in the gym. Night run sounds good to me as I always run in the evening. Therefore I signed up just to give myself a challenge.

After signing up the night event. I actually train myself harder, and I run at least once or twice a week on the road, and I can see myself improving in the stamina, strength, and speed too. Well, I happened to read a very useful article from http://www.justrunlah.com/2015/11/21/5-things-to-avoid-before-race-day

I love the tips that shared there.
1. The mistake: going for a final training run.
So true that I trained so hard during the Raya holiday and I think I should let my leg muscles rest and recover today and tomorrow. I will still go for a light run to upkeep my stamina, but I won’t force myself to run faster than my comfortable speed.

2. The mistake: carb loading
I will take healthy diet instead of loading myself with more carb than the normal intake.

3. The mistake: new workout gear
I bought new running shoes prior to my KOBL run on 9 April. I wore it for my last two training before the race to ensure that I could run comfortably on it.

4. The mistake: sleeping late
Honestly, I couldn’t sleep well the night before the race. I hope I can sleep better tonight because the race is at tomorrow night.

5. The mistake: alcohol
This is no issue, as I don’t take alcohol. I always take more fluid a few days before the race, so that I can go to the toilet more frequent to clear all the waste and make my body lighter for the run.

Do you have any tips to share with me?

I know, I must have confidence in my training, start the race slow, enjoy the run like my normal workout, prepare myself mentally, eat normal, sleep well, drink more water and set things earlier.


  1. That's tomorrow! Good luck, all the best!

  2. I would go for night run. Cooler.

    Good luck in your run.

    And thanks for the tip. Maybe can join when my kids are bigger.

    1. Thanks Rose, first and foremost I must try to enjoy the night run.

  3. Did you enjoy the run just now? Thanks for the tips. although i don't run some of those tips are applicable to other situations too.

  4. These tips also useful for daily healthy living, how was the run?

  5. I think you did very well on the run, saw from your FB.

  6. It's great that you have caught the running bug, Yannie. Keep it up!