Happy Father's Day!

We were just back from the vacation in Krabi, Thailand last two weeks. Since tomorrow is the heroes in the house special day,  I shall just pick a few pictures of them to share here. I just publish the pictures of the father and the daughters which were taken during the trip.

First day, arrival and there started our Krabi city tour.
I was very tired due to the late night bus ride to KLIA2, then taking early flight to Krabi. I felt so drowsy and needed a nap immediately.
We took pictures at a few attraction spots at Krabi city.

Jin Jin and April still looked energetic to smile and pose for the camera. I was just hoping to check in the hotel room as soon as possible.

Day 4, we had a swim soak in Emerald pool which surrounded by rain forest.
We enjoyed and relax at the natural fresh water pool that is in the jungle.
After leaving the Emerald pool, we went to Tiger Cave, a praying place to Buddha and meditation center of Krabi.
The cave has 1237 steps to the top of the mountain. April was reluctant to take the steps to the top due to the very hot weather, I needed to sacrifice showing off my ability of being the queen of Tiger Cave to accompany this lazy princess of mine.
Therefore, Jin Jin and May went up to the top and got down again together. Kudos to May for accompany her dad to accomplish his mission of taking the 1237 steps in such a humid and hot weather in Tiger Cave.

This picture was taken at the night market in Krabi town on Friday evening. We enjoyed the good Thai street food and drinks from the night market, at the same time shopping for souvenir, watching some performance on stage.

I am not sure whether I will write more about our Krabi trip in my next post.

Till then, I wish all the wonderful dads, Happy Father's Day! Happy weekend, all.

I also want to thank my husband for planning, arranging and taking us for holiday each time during the girls' school break. Thanks for being such a great dad to our daughters. Happy Father's Day, April and May's hero!


  1. Krabi is a nice destination for family to relax and enjoy. Now I could not wait for my family vacation this year end. In Thailand but not Krabi.

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby.

  2. Happy Father's Day to your hubby and all Dads! Cheers!!!

  3. Happy Father's Day to Jino.
    He is such a real God-sent papa and hubby to give all his love and care.
    Hey I also visited Krabi but just a quickie day trip during our cruise trip. It rained all day and I have no idea why my other friends loved this place more than Phuket. They could visit Krabi few times and stayed a week.

  4. I been to Krabi in 2013 and I love the place especially the night market.

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby.

  5. Looks like a great trip. Happy father's day!

  6. What a nice family trip! Sure got lots of fantastic Thai food to eat in Krabi :)

  7. what a nice family bonding trip!

  8. Wah you go traveling again! Nice la!
    I need a vacation too hur hur T_T

    Heard Krabi is a nice place!