Astro CGM 2016 Final

Another throwback post of watching Astro Classic Golden Melody 2016 Final at Stadium Negara on 17 December 2016. It was an awesome experience and I must blog about it.

I and my girls are a die hard fans of Astro CGM. We followed and watched every series of Astro CGM every year. Last year, Astro CGM was given away the final competition free tickets to the fans through FB.  I requested immediately and I got 4 free tickets right away.

When the date was here, April could not go with us, because she already registered herself to a Buddhist camping with friends.

I was so happy that my husband took leave and went with us to the show. He was actually not a fan of the program at all. We took ETS train from Taiping to KL. It was our first ETS ride.

My husband booked the Olympic Sports Hotel which was located just opposite Stadium Negara. The location of the hotel was too good for us to avoid of all the traffics madness. We just walked to watch the concert.
We walked to Stadium Negara as early as 4:30pm to collect the free tickets from the booth, and we managed to take a few pictures at the backdrop of the ten finalists.
Both, I and  May were really thrilled to watch our favorite programs that we always watch on TV, and now watching live from the big stage.
It was really great to watch Gan Jiang Han partnered with an actor from Singapore as the emcees of the show. You will be surprised that if I tell you that I like the only contestant from Singapore the most.  He was the first runner- up at the end.

It was a very fantastic show. It was actually our first experience watching a grand competition live. I do hope that we will have the same opportunity to watch this type of live show again in future. 


  1. So smart hubby to book that hotel. Here most KL folks would have headaches about traffic and parking outside stadium, so they have to take monorail and walk some distance.
    I have never been inside this stadium and wonder if it was warm that night (?) Astro has improved their shows a lot like international standard.

  2. I think I know what show this is, I ever saw on TV before, I like the show as it features many songs of my era too hee hee

  3. How exciting! I have never been to a live concert before.

  4. how nice of your husband to join you both although he is not a fan. since you enjoy it so much, can go watch it live every year.

  5. Few of my friends are die hard fans of this Astro singing competition too... even my eldest sis tries not to miss it every weekend..