Sweet dessert soup again (糖水)

I am a dessert person. Whenever I go for the buffet, the first thing I check it must the dessert corner. I have sweet tooth.

I cook dessert for myself almost every weekend too. When I checked the pictures in the dessert folder, I still have some more never been posted here.
Last year, April requested me to cook a few types of glutinous rice balls when she saw a few cute recipes in FB during the winter solstice festival.  This one was white and green color rice balls with mangoes in HL milk. It can be served cold and warm. It tastes good by adding a little bit sugar or condensed milk in it. This picture got me many "LIKE" when I posted on my FB wall.

These are pumpkin glutinous rice balls in homemade soy milk, which I bought from the hawker in the night market. I personally find this one tasted better than the one in HL milk.

These were glutinous rice balls in red bean soup. I have cooked this before. I previously blogged about this dessert here too.

The ingredients of this dessert are pumpkin, white fungus, red dates, hard boiled eggs and rock sugar.
I just love pumpkin a lot.

This dessert has ingredients of dried longan, red dates, white fungus, and ”桃胶“ (I can't find the English term of this brown color fruit/plant that grows on trees).

I cook dessert often, as it is not cheap to buy outside and the taste is always too sweet for my liking. 


  1. A friend gave me two mangoes, huge...like papayas but I think it was no good for me, ended up with a bad cough after eating.

  2. I am drooling at Photo #1, #2, #3, I like those desserts which are very rich

  3. I like to eat desserts and tong sui too. You are a wonderful cook to know how to boil so many types of tong sui. I like to eat hardboiled eggs in tong sui too.

  4. I seem to enjoy the same desserts like you. These different types of glutinous balls sure add more excitement.i like to eat them because they are chewy and sweet.

  5. I enjoy this type of desert too and I prefer it chilled.

  6. It is good to drink dessert. I like both cold and warm dessert, depends on what dessert it is.

    I used to cook dessert once a week. Mung soup, barley, bird's nest. But now super lazy. Lol.

  7. Yan, like you, I love tong sui too! Yours is making me drool now... :)

  8. Hi Yan, your tong sui look delightful, all are my favorite too. I can join your dessert club. :)) I'm also a tong sui or dessert person.

    Have a nice day, regards.