Hatyai and Danok 3D2N trip

On 4 - 6 August 2017, I went for a 3D2N trip with my 11 zumba buddies to Hatyai and Danok. First time, I went with a group of girl friends without my spouse and children. I was very much anticipating the trip. I applied and got my leave approved two months before the date. I packed my travel outfits 2 weeks before the the trip. I was so excited like a child looking forwards to her first field trip with her classmates. lol!

However, I was so busy at work on the last few days before the trip. I worked from home until 1 am for 3 continuous nights. Luckily I got all the urgent issues settled on the night prior to the date. Therefore, I was able to keep a good spirits for the entire trip.

The pictures below will be able to tell the story of how enjoyable and happy that I was in the trip.

A few hours after the journey was started, when our transport stopped at the rest place.

Posing for the album at the hotel lobby.

We visited the Khlong Hae floating market.

Stainless Steel temple is the only one attraction that we went in Hatyai. 

Second day, we left Hatyai and went to stayed at Danok, and we visited the Asian Cultural Village. 

These were the twelve of us and we ate together at the meal time during the trip. The food pictures below can do the talking of how delicious the food in Hatyai. 

Other than having dim sum, chicken rice, we had mangoes kelabu, Tom Yam kung, grilled trotter, petai, omelette, green curry, tofu, and seafood. The Thai food at Hatyai is irresistible good.

Other than sight seeing and feasting on Thai food, we ladies did a great shopping too. This trip was a bit too short and we did not have time for the Thai massage.
Upon returning from the trip, these were some of my members with their shopping loots. Everyone shopped until dropped.

I went with one small black hand carry bag, and I brought back home another 3 bags, 1 basket and 1 box of Thai goodies, snacks and instant noodles.

I bought a Captain America T shirt for my husband, ADDA sandals for April and May, banana bread from 7 Eleven, Bento snacks, Snail White body lotions, Milk Plus salt scrub and lotions, Thailand junkfood and a few items were not in the pictures.

Frankly I still don't get enough shopping of the things that I like. I want to go to Hatyai again, because I enjoy the shopping and the food there a lot. 


  1. Shopping, feasting and sight-seeing! What else could we ask for!?

    I love all girls holiday. Used to do thay when I were single.

    Good to see you gis enjoyed the holiday. Cannot come home empty-handed when holidaying in Thailand. ^^

  2. The food looks so good and we can only feast our eyes on the photos. A dozen girls on a shopping and food trip - sounds so fun and from the photos confirm is fun.

  3. Really all girls haha. Wow look at the food, I love them all. And I love shopping too, Thailand is a nice place to go for food and shopping

  4. So much fun...and so much fun!!! I would love to go on a trip with friends like this! Wahhhh!!! All that shopping! :D

  5. This post is full of fun and happy faces of the girlssss. I remembered my All Men trip to Hatyai when I was 20 and came back kena belasah from mummy & sister. Someone reported that we went to watch "Harimau Show" while smoking & drinking heavily like warlords. Muahahahaha
    I do enjoy their food and easy shopping too. My wife loves Hatyai 100 times more than Bangkok which surprised me. When you posted your shopping loots from Tokyo, I paid full attention to your items as I was not aware what is cheap and worthy of buying. Now I am making mental note at your Thai goodies too. Sawadee Krub!

  6. Wah look at all the food! So nice to go on a trip like that with friends. You are very fortunate to have an understanding husband.

  7. I can never get enough of Thailand too! Wish to go other parts of Thailand, but at the moment, Hatyai is the best choice since no flying is required, haha!
    Thanks for helping me to buy the snacks ya!

  8. Food and shopping are the best activities in any travelling, 3D2N wouldn't be enough :DD