Some excitement in stressful workplace

Today let me share with you some excitement that had actually brightened up our stressful workplace. 

Last month, 5 local celebrities visited us during our work day. You hear it right! They came to our company to meet us. These five celebrities were Venice Min (model), Danny Koo (Singer), Geraldine Gan (Singer), Shawn Lee (Rapper), and Dianna Danielle (Artist). They are actually represented Toyota Gazoo Racing team, and our company is the sponsor for the event. 

It was not every day that we could meet celebrities, and especially we were given chance to have fun and take photographs with them. 
Of course, I put down the job for a short while and went selfie with the very beautiful Venice Min.

And also, the very cute and sweet looking Geraldine Gan. Loves her songs very much.

Not forgetting to take a group picture with the other celebrities in front of their racing car, sincce I didn't have the time and chance to take solo picture with each of them.

Two days ago, there were two racing cars parked in front of the company lobby. I went quickly to post with these racing cars before the others had done with their lunch.
This is yours truly in uniform and safety boots. I had a quick lunch that day. While I went to the pantry to make a cup of coffee to boost up my energy for the second half day to go. and I saw it. Since not many knowing the existence of these two handsome and sporty racing cars, I took the chance to pose with it.  

The Toyota 86 is a series of 2+2 seater sports cars which was jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru and solely manufactured by Subaru. These two handsome and sporty cars must have two good racers to drift them. 
Thursday, World Drift 3 times Champion, Masato Kawabata D1 Grand Prix and Drift Muscle 2 times Champion, Hideyuki Fujino from Japan visited us again to exhibit drift shows inside our company. Fuyoh! It was an eye opening experience for all of us. I tell ya! It was actually my first experience watching drifting live. It was very exciting! Luckily I went to join the fun despite my busy schedule. 
I managed to squeeze in the crowd and took a selfie with Fujino.

This is Kawabata, he attracted so many ladies to be his fans with his friendly smiles after the visit. Including yours truly. Muahahah!

Folks, if you are interested in the live drifting and racing shows by these two drifting champions and meeting the other TGR celebrities. Please do not forget to go to Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival at Stadium Batu Kawan, Penang this weekend. Free entry for all. Besides, Toyota is launching the C-HR at the event.

For more details, please check it up from the link below.


  1. Wow! It is always fun and good to meet with celebrities. I used to do that when worked for my first company. Kind of missing that. Lol.

    1. Yes, it was indeed nice to have them visiting us, and we could put down the duty even just for a short while and meeting them.

  2. Do they only employ good looking people at your work place? This is not the new Toyota Vios sports, is it?

    1. Thanks Arthur for your compliment. Hahaha! Not exactly. The champions are driving Toyota 86, the TGR celebrity is driving Toyota Vios.

  3. The first celebrity Venice Min is very pretty

  4. I saw Evonne Teh posted these photos on her FB, I saw Geraldine, I just told Evonne that she looked so different now!
    Cannot tell what, but just felt her face is not like last time liao, haha!

    Anyway, nice event la!

  5. Good that you took time to take photos with the celebrities and cars. you look very nice in your uniform. i like to wear uniforms to work but unfortunately my workplace does not provide it.

  6. Wow..what a celebrity day for you and your company staff!! Indeed an exciting event for you all too!

  7. Wah, super excited to meet celebrities! Some more take photo with them :)

  8. I love to watch racing cars, super bikes and violent sports like boxing. That Kawabata and Fujino look like hunks in the circuits to attract the ladies. I wonder whether the name Toyo is derived from Toyota? Recently I used Toyo tyres too after supporting Silverstone. I believe both are same quality.

    I think you need to eat more rice as you are too thin now. If the typhoon heads to Taiping, Yannie would be blown away first. Wakakaka

  9. wah...syioknyer! got pretty celebrities and handsome racer visiting u all....