I need to improve my run

April, May and I signed up for Larian Koperasi Perak 2017 that held on 10 September 2017 in my town. April was in secondary school 5KM category, May was in primary school 3.5KM and I was in women veteran 7KM category.

Honestly, I told my beloved family that I was going to bag myself a champion, but too bad that I could only make it for 2nd place this time. Yes, I was kinda disappointed at myself.

As for my two daughters,  May was at position 12th,  April was at position 23rd in their own category. Not a bad result, I reckon.

Let me tell more about my run, I was leading just a minute I started off.  After running about 3KM, two people ran close behind me. Just one glance, I saw a lady and a man ran neck to neck. The lady wanted to overtake me, and she could easily do it that time. However, the man who ran next to her did the side coaching by instructing her to stay behind me and keep the pace. I heard their conversation clearly, as he didn't speak just once, but a few times to remind her to keep following my pace. I tried to ignore them, but to be honest, they affected my running performance.

Just 1.5 KM to finishing line, the man instructed her to speed up and overtake me. It was my weakness that I had run out of fuel, and I couldn't pace up at last and thus lose the run.....T____T.

Apparently, the lady who won the champion and the man who coached her are from the same running group. This running group won the most amount of prizes in this event. I got to know this from the paper on the next day.

It is a good lesson and experience for me. I take it positively that there was someone who wanted to win badly by having side coached by the group member throughout the run, and I completed my run all on my own proudly.

I have got a prize money of RM100. Minus our registration fees (April RM20, May RM10 and myself  RM30), I still had RM40 to spend on the dinner as in the picture below. lol!

Since I couldn't bag the champion this time, I know I can't stay running my comfortable pace anymore, I must improve my running techniques in my future training. I hope I can do better in my next run.

p/s: To anyone who read this post, please share with me whether it is right to have side coaching loud and clear during a race. I always run alone in the gym and I take part in not more than 5 running events. 
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