My big big girl....

The daughter of April's nanny's sent me pictures of April through FB messager.  The pictures were taken when April was only 1 year old at the birthday celebration of the nanny's husband.
Whereas, the below pictures were taken last month during our stay at Ixora Hotel, Prai on our Merdeka day. My precious baby girl was grown up. She is now a big big girl and very much into KPop.
She is doing great in her study in Primary 1. She is training hard in table tennis too. She loves her dad very much and sometimes makes me jealous because of not loving me as much as she loves her dad.
No wonder, some say daughter must be father's lover from his past life.
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My kind of breakfast

When I was given a chance to have buffet breakfast, I would sure get myself a plate of fruit and vegetable salad, two half boiled eggs, a bowl of oats with nuts and raisins and two glasses of milk. Bread and scones are optional if my stomach still has space to expand.

My first-day breakfast from Ixora Hotel, Prai.

My second-day breakfast from Ixora Hotel, Prai.

These were how I ate my breakfast, I was at Ixora Hotel, Prai during our the last Merdeka holiday. When I took heavy breakfast like this, I would eat very light at lunch and skip dinner entirely.

It is said that the best way to live is to breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. This is proven the best of losing weight.

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