First on scene

Today, I would love to share a short film that I act as the only female role. It was a short film for a local filming contest. I was actually recommended by a male colleague to his friend, R. Chan. 

My colleague passed me a script and asked me to feedback to him my interest in the character and the film shooting. After confirming with him on the venue and the date that the shooting would take place. I accepted the role of playing as a devious and scheming character. 

I have just got the link on YouTube from Chan recently. I forwarded to my university mates chat group, one of them screenshot the following scene for me as memory. 

I wanted to thank my colleague Allen for introducing me to his friend Chan. I want to thank Chan for his patient in guiding me to act. Of course, I want to thank my hubby for encouraging me to try. 

Those involved behind the scene are all young men graduated from UTAR. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with them, they make me feel young and they make my childhood dream comes true in 2017. lol!
I always love acting. Though it is just a short film, I enjoy every single take in the shooting.  Well, you guys can have a look at the link below. 

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Another run in 2017

I never thought of having another run after my run that I mentioned here until I saw the Taiping Prestavest Memorial Park charity run registration form that shared on FB. The run was on 5 November, and I believe this could be my last run in 2017.

Though this run was in Taiping, I have never been to run at the actual trail before. It was kind of excited for me to run on the totally unfamiliar trail. As usual, I didn't sleep that good on the night prior to my run. My breakfast before leaving home was bananas and oatmeal. The organizer had set up plenty of food for our breakfast, we were served with nasi lemak, fried noodles, bananas, guavas, isotonic, Milo, and sandwiches. I  took a sandwich and again a banana. Then I went for a slow jog to warm myself up. As it was raining heavily the evening before, so the air was very cooling and clean in the morning.  The weather was beautiful. 

There were 4KM fun run and 8 KM race by running two rounds on the same route of 4KM. This picture was taken by the helper after my first 4KM, and I was told that I was leading in women veteran group.

I completed my 8KM in 38 minutes that showed in my Mi Fit app. I bagged myself the 1st prize, a big trophy, RM300 cash, the great satisfaction, and happy memories.

He is the men senior veteran category champion. He is also the men veteran category champion in KOBL 10KM 2017 and Perak Koperasi Run 2017. Whenever I met him, I would seek his pieces of advice on training. He never failed to enlighten me.

My first run was in KOBL 2015, I didn't join any run in 2016. This year, I have totally joined 5 runs this year. My results were 3 champions, 1 first runner-up, and 1 second runner-up.

I still run 8.5km 4 times a week now. My next year plan is joining 3 running events. 
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