I've got an early Christmas gift from my Santa

My husband presented me a GPS-enabled sports smartwatch, Amazfit Pace to me on one fine evening. He said, "For you as a motivation to keep on running. "
How sweet and thoughtful of him right? A man who never buy me diamond, flowers, perfume, and clothes. However, always buying me running shoes, running cap, running apparels and now this running watch, ain't he weird and lovely at the same time?

I never asked for a watch like Amazfit Pace that has so many features like notifications on incoming calls, messages and other apps, GPS on tracking route and distance, phone-free music and sleep tracking. I only need the basic tracking of activities like running and other sports.

Since my loved one gave me an early Christmas gift of such a cool smartwatch and also the pairing Bluetooth headphones, I must be thankful and appreciate his thoughtfulness and kindness.

I m still in the midst of familiarizing with all the features in my new watch.

Personally, I find this watch looks very trendy and sporty. 

So, I foresee I still have to run miles and miles in the year 2018.


  1. So thoughtful of your husband. That is a good watch with many functions. Enjoy running using it.

  2. Indeed very sporty, so ngam you la!!

  3. You have a very supportive hubby. Enjoy using the watch and happy running!

  4. I like Jino! He is a very caring and practical person. I want to meet him and shake his hands to congratulate him.

  5. That is a wonderful and very practical gift! Better than diamonds, right? hee..hee... I always prefer to receive something that is useful that I can use often. Happy running!

  6. The watch looks good ! Never heard of it but it indeed pack with a lot of features especially the phone free music ! Well, you need a gps watch , it’s very handy to your training !

    1. I got the amazfit bib, got all the features except music.

  7. Does the watch have the feature of counting heart rate?

  8. Very thoughtful of your man. Nice Xmas present.