Recap of the year 2017

Time flies, we are now in the last month of 2017. Before welcoming the brand new year of 2018. Let me do a recap of the year 2017.


I was busy from the beginning of 2017 until last month. The pressure from my boss is scary. I almost went bonkers under the work stress. Luckily everything has become much under control toward the end of the year.


I love my family more and more may be because of I have aged. I appreciate and love my hubby more. I appreciate and love my two lovely daughters. I just love them.


Though I am busy at work, I never neglect my exercise. I run races this year. Other than running, I go hiking, Zumba and swimming. When I didn't go out, I played hula hoop in front of the TV at home.

Social life

I have meet many friends in the zumba lessons, the hiking dates, and the gym. I went out for drinks and dinner to catch up with my girl friends on and off.

Personal goal

I lost 2 KG this year as a result of all the trainings prior the races. I try to eat less carbs and low sugar whenever possible. I eat big breakfast and small dinner. I lead a healthy lifestyle . I sleep well. I reward myself with online shopping. My dream to be an actress came true, though it is just a few scenes in a short film, that was enough to make me very happy.
I do things that I like. I don't please anyone but myself.

My goal in 2018 is becoming fitter and toned. I want to lose another 2 kg so that I can be more lean to build muscle.

Folks, how's your 2017? and what is your goal in 2018?


  1. Wahhhh!!! So fast! New Year's still half a month away. :D
    Yes, nothing matters more than one's loved ones. Cherish them, appreciate them, love them always.

  2. You can do it. Sure can get fitter next year. I wish I for that too as age is catching up. Health and family are important now.

  3. I like your recap.

    Yes, health is top of my list. Next comes family and friends.

    And knowing that you will be going BKK soon, I wish you a fun and safe trip. Will be looking forward to your travelogue after you are back. Don't forget to shop till you drop, hee hee :)

  4. Glad to know that your work stress has eased towards end of the year. Hope next year will be better. Wah you so slim and yet lost weight? My 2017 has been a mixed year and I hope to have a better year in 2018.

  5. It seems like a well lived 2017 for you ! It’s an inspiration to me too. Time for me to follow my goals and dreams !

  6. You had a good and eventful year 2017 when you were also crowned the Queen of Bukit Larut. Please don't loose another 2 kgs because the typhoon might blow you to Penang. Wishing you a happier and better 2018.

  7. Well, to me, you are very fit already, still need to lose 2 more kgs?

    Anyway, most important is healthy.... Too skinny or too chubby also no good... hehe!