A Classic Tour - Jacky Cheung

I was so proud that I watched Jacky Cheung - A Classic Tour the 132th concert. Thanks to my husband, he was the one showed great interest, asked his friend in KL to buy us tickets and took me along to watch his life time favorite singer on 26 January 2018.

We took ERT from Taiping to KL on that day. When we reached KL, we checked into a hotel which just located next to the train station. We went for shopping in Uniqlo at Nu Sentral. We took dinner and then went straight to Axiata Arena by train too.
Sharp at 8pm, the concert was started. Just the first two songs, I already knew that he worth every single cents of our money spent. No regret!

He is so fantastic and amazing. At the age of 56, he is still able to sing and dance in the tip top condition. He had managed to show his best live vocal performance ever on stage. All his fans were stunt. We totally lose the need for toilet tour. We were too busy watching him, singing along and listening to his handsome voice.

When the concert ended, I started to miss him and his voice. My next plan is to watch his concert in Hong Kong.

Jacky Cheung, you must stay well forever because I want to watch your concert again in future.  Thanks for the beautiful memory of 3.5 hours, Jacky Cheung.

It is already a week after the concert, but his songs are still playing in my mind. 

p/s: I must thank our secondary school classmate, Eddie Ong for lining up for more than 15 hours to buy the concert tickets . 
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